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Back to School

Bradley Hicks took one last quick look around outside then shut the door of his office beside the gymnasium in the High school, leaving just himself and the girl alone inside.

“I think we’ll be safe in here, no one will disturb us at this time.” The school’s gym coach looked up at the clock on the wall which read 4:15; Most of the students and faculty were gone home by now.

The thirty-five year old gym teacher crossed across his small office to where his student was waiting for him. Tina was sitting perched at the edge of his desk. She was probably one of the High School’s hottest seniors, not to mention a huge flirt, and rumored slut.

Tina brushed a lock of her shoulder-length red hair back behind her ear as her coach came near. She had just finished tennis practice, and was still wearing her tennis outfit. A short white skirt showed off most of her creamy thighs, and the only other garment was a very tight tank top. Her teenage breasts were stuffed inside that tank top tightly, straining the fabric. Coach Hicks couldn’t help but be amazed each time he stared at them; she was only 18 but she had to at least fill out a full double-D cup. She was still sweaty from practice, and her cleavage was moist with perspiration, making it glisten even in the shoddy lighting of the public school.

“Where were we?” The gym coach asked as he took off his whistle from around his neck and tossed it onto his desk. He was now standing right beside Tina, and placed his hands on her bare thighs.

“I was telling you I would do just about anything to be the captain of the tennis team this year, coach.” Tina told him. Her voice was very soft and flirty, and she licked her lips just a little.

“Oh, anything?” He asked with a grin, and took his hands off her thighs, to pull down the front of his running pants. His semi-erect cock sprung up eagerly.

Tina gave an excited smile and reached down, wrapping her hands around her gym teacher and coach’s cock. She squeezed it slightly, feeling it growing by the second in her warm, soft hands.

“Is this what you had in mind, coach?” The senior asked, still toying with his cock in her delicate hands.

“That’s good for starters, Tina.” The middle aged teacher nodded as he spoke, then grabbed a hold of her shirt at the bottom, and began peeling it off, lifting it up her body.

Tina raised her arms up, letting the coach strip off her shirt. As soon as her tank top was lifted up over her head, she pulled off her sports bra next, letting her huge, teenage melons spill out with a slight jiggle.

Coach Hicks couldn’t believe how much huger they looked once she took off the bra. Her milky breasts were nice and perky, for being as huge as they were, and her stiff nipples were wide, probably three inches in diameter. There was a sprinkling of freckles across her upper chest.

Tina wrapped her hands around her coach’s cock again, stroking back and forth, as he cupped her breasts in each of his large, strong hands. Coach Hicks squeezed her tits firmly, pressed them together, and lifted them up.

The busty student sat at the edge of the desk in just her tennis skirt, jerking off her teacher as he continued to knead and play with her tits. Then the gym teacher leaned down, licking one of her big nipples. He rolled his tongue all over the areola then gently bit down on her nipple.

Tina moaned softly and pumped her hands up and down his fully hard cock, which was now starting to ooze with clear precum. The gym coach sucked her entire nipple into his mouth and began nursing it, sucking and slurping. Tina arched her back a little, pushing her boobs out. Coach Hicks switched to her other nipple now, sucking it into his mouth like the other one. With her titflesh sucked into his mouth, he rubbed his tongue up against her nipple while desperately sucking the gorgeous melons.

“Oh Gosh coach, if I knew this is all you wanted, I would have done this a while ago, just for fun!” Tina said softly in his ear as her tits were sucked, and she continued to stroke and caress the fat, veiny cock in her hands.

The gym teacher lifted his head up as she said that to him, and he quickly replied. “Oh that’s not all. I’ve wanted to fuck your hot little body for a while.”

“I figured,” She said with a wink “You and just about every other man in school.” Tina told him as she pulled her tennis skirt up a little bit, just enough to reach underneath and grab her panties, which she began pulling down.

Coach Hicks helped her slide her panties down over her knees and down her calves. He squatted down as he pulled her panties off her feet, leaving her sneakers on. He looked up now, level with her crotch, and he looked up her skirt, seeing her wet, swollen pussy slit through her red pubic hair.

The teacher stood up and grabbed her by the ass as he stood between her thighs. He pulled her closer to him and nuzzled the tip of his cock against her mound. His aching cockhead buried against her moist pubic hair. Tina held his cock with one hand, lining him up, and the coach pushed forward, burying himself inside his hot little student’s cunt.

“Oh shit yeah!” Coach Hicks exclaimed in joy as he stuffed his entire cock inside the teenage girl’s eager pussy.

Tina gasped as her teacher’s cock stretched her open and she felt the entire shaft filling her up. She leaned back a little, resting her hands on the desk, so she could grind her pelvis against him a bit.

Coach Hicks started pumping in and out of the soon-to-be tennis captain. His shaft slid in and out of her wet little hole as he pulled back and slammed into her over and over.

“Oh God, your pussy feels so good, Tina.” He grunted.

“Don’t stop, keep going, coach! Fuck me!” She moaned to him.

The middle-aged gym teacher pounded his cock in and out of her faster, hammering at her pussy which was hidden underneath her skirt. He reached up and grabbed her huge tits while he fucked her.

“Oh Shit, I’m gonna cum!” He told her, and pulled his cock out of her reluctantly. “I want to cum all over your face.” He said as he put one foot on his desk chair and climbed up on top of the desk.

Tina turned around as she squatted on the desk, and coach Hicks stood, jerking his cock off in her face. In just seconds, his cock erupted with cum, sending a shot of hot, slimey fuckjuice across her right cheek. The next squirt of jizz splattered across her mouth and nose, and the rest dribbled down onto her neck and tits.

Tina licked her lips, tasting her coach’s sperm. She had gotten what she wanted, and had even had a little fun while doing it.

The coach sighed deeply as he finished empting his balls onto his student’s face.

“Oh my God! That was incredible! I feel light-headed.” The coach said, his body swaying a little, trying to continue to stand straight.

Coach Hicks started to climb down from the desk. He put his first foot down on his desk chair, but as he shifted his weight onto the chair, the seat rotated, sending him flying to the floor where he landed roughly on his back. He screamed in agony, clutching his lower back.

“Oh my, are you ok, coach?” Tina gasped as she climbed off the desk.

The gym coach winced in agony, unable to move. “Call an ambulance… I think I broke my back!”

(The sequel to Summer School)

Sarah Stevens walked down the hallway of Westville High School. She was now in her second year in teaching as the girls’ gym teacher. The first year had been the worst by far, and she was looking forward to this year being a little better. Of course, nothing could have been worse than this past summer, when she had been forced to teach a summer math course to a bunch of delinquents. They probably would have failed if she hadn’t umm…. Well that’s another story.

Sarah was undeniably gorgeous. She was only 25, making her the school’s youngest teacher. She had long blonde hair, which was tied back in a pony tail today. Her body was very athletic, from working out regularly, which kept her legs and abs tone. Her body was proportioned excellently, with a ripe, full, firm ass, and voluptuously large breasts. In fact, her boobs were probably her best feature, having been exceptionally large ever since she hit puberty. Today she was wearing a track suit. The tight pants hugged her lower body, and the top was unzipped, she was wearing just a sports bra underneath.

She had been summoned to the Principal’s office, something which she dreaded. Finally she reached the main office and the school’s secretary looked up as she entered.

“He’s expecting you in his office.” The uptight secretary told her.

The busty gym teacher walked to the office in the back, which belonged to the principal: Jack Harry.

Principal Harry was sitting at his desk picking his nose as she entered, and she sighed in frustration at having to meet with him. The principal quickly pulled his hand down and straightened up in his chair as she entered the room.

“Ah hello there Sarah.” He said, “Please have a seat.”

“Hello Jack, err uhh Principal Harry…” She had never quite known what to call him, and she didn’t really feel like being on a first name basis with him, but the principal never bothered to correct her whenever she addressed him. “You wanted to see me?” She continued as she sat down across from him.

Jack Harry was the school’s bossy, overweight principal. He leaned forward in his chair and began rubbing his hands together. “Well I have some good news for you.” He started.

Sarah sighed. “How come every time you tell me that, it ends up being bad news instead?”

Jack chuckled hoarsely and stopped rubbing his hands together and picked up a pencil and started fidgeting with it. “Well, Bradley Hicks is out on short term disability. So, we are going to need to you take over coaching the boys’ gym classes in addition to yours.” He forced a smile.

“What are you talking about? That’s terrible news!” She sighed in utter disgust. “How am I supposed to teach two classes at once? And how is this possibly good for me?”

“Oh, well the good part is that you get to take over his after school duties as well, and we’ll pay you accordingly for that.” The principal continued. “We need you to take over coaching the tennis team and also prepping the football team for this upcoming season. Don’t look so upset, this is a great way for you to expand your teaching experience.”

“Jack, tennis I can handle, but I don’t know anything about football!” She protested.

“That’s the great thing, you don’t have to!” Jack went on, “We just need you to help facilitate the physicals tomorrow, a few students still haven’t had a sports physical, so we just need you to be there to help the doctor with some paperwork, and maybe hold a practice or two. Coach Hicks will be back to work before the season actually starts.”

“What did he do anyway?” Sarah asked curiously.

Jack paused to think. “Some kind of heavy lifting accident or something, he said. Very vague. Apparently he slipped a disc in his back and he’s incapacitated. Unfortunately he can’t even leave his house.”

Sarah sighed. Somehow she always ended up getting suckered into picking up the slack for everyone else. This time would be different, this time she would find a way out of —

“Thanks for doing this, Sarah. I really appreciate you being a team player on this one.” Jack said. It wasn’t even a request, more of a demand. “Well I have some things to finish up so you can leave now. Have a good evening, bye!”

Sarah stood up, trying to find something to say, but instead she found herself walking to the door and leaving the principal’s office. When she got outside of the main office she just howled in frustration!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next day after school, Sarah walked down to the nurse’s office where she was supposed to meet Nurse Brown and the doctor who was coming to school to administer the sports physicals for a few of the boys on the varsity football team.

She found Nurse Brown waiting for her. She was dressed in her typical, tight-fitting white uniform. As usual the top few buttons were unbuttoned, exposing an inappropriate amount of her deep, tan cleavage. Nurse Brown was probably just as stacked as Sarah Stevens was; in fact their bodies were very similar. Except of course, the nurse had dark hair and her skin was much tanner.

“Hi Sarah.” The school nurse said to her as she walked into the office.

“Hi. Where’s the doctor?” Sarah asked. She was running about half an hour late, so the doctor should have already been here and almost halfway through the physicals.

“He’s not here yet. I don’t know what’s keeping him. But these boys have been waiting over an hour and I’ve tried reaching the doctor five times now.” She shrugged.

Sarah sighed in frustration. “What do we do now? I’ve never done this before. The principal.. err, Jack, just said I was supposed to help out.”

“Oh, you’re going to help?” Nurse Brown’s eyes lit up with hope. “That’s great, well we should get started then!”

“Ok. Just tell me what paperwork I need to fill out.” Sarah told her.

“No, no, you need to help me. Here, follow me.” The nurse stood up from her desk and walked behind a curtained-off area of the room, where there was a small bed for where sick students usually lay. Sarah followed her inside.

“Wait here, I’ll get the first student.” The nurse said and walked back out.

Nurse Brown walked to the back of the nurse’s office to where a door led to an adjacent room. She opened the door, where five senior boys were sitting in their underwear, waiting. All five of the boys were seniors on the varsity football team: 18 year old, strapping young men.

She pointed to the closest guy and said, “Ok you’re first, follow me.” She said as she led him back into the other room, and then behind the curtained examination area.

Sarah was sitting on the bed as she waited for the school nurse to return. As Nurse Brown walked into the examination area with the boy, she sat down beside Sarah. The young man stood in front of the two busty ladies in just his underwear.

“What do we do now?” Sarah asked the nurse beside her.

“Well, we need to check him for a hernia.” The nurse said professionally. Then, to the student she said, “Please remove your underwear now.”

The boy’s eyes widened and he quickly dropped his briefs, his cock was semi-stiff just from looking at the two gorgeous women in front of him.

“Ok now come over here, I need to examine you.” The nurse told him, and the boy complied, coming closer to stand in front of her.

Nurse Brown reached up, cupping the student’s balls in her hand. She squeezed them very gently, and massaged them with her fingers. The student looked down at her in shock, and breathed heavily, not really believing what was happening. Nurse Brown continued to massage and caress his balls, then closed the fingers of her other hand around his shaft.

“Is that how you’re supposed to do it?” Sarah asked her, not really sure.

“I don’t really know, I think so. I think we need to thoroughly examine his genitals.”

The boy moaned and nodded. “Yes, that’s exactly right.” He lied, his cock now stiff.

The busty nurse started stroking the student’s cock up and down, while her other hand continued to gently massage his balls. The student groaned softly and placed his hands on his hips as the school nurse practically jerked him off.

“Umm… Nurse, are you sure this is how it’s supposed to be done?” Sarah asked suspiciously. The school nurse had a reputation for getting too ‘physical’ with students.

“Pretty sure.” She replied simply.

The student sure didn’t mind, he just stood there with his hands on his hips, moaning as the school nurse caressed his cock and gently massaged his balls. She raised her other hand up now, wrapping it around his rock-hard cock as well, so that she was pumping up and down with both her hands.

The boy closed his eyes and groaned, and Nurse Brown continued to jerk him off, pumping her fist up and down his cock faster now.

Suddenly the boy’s cock exploded, sending a shot of cum straight across the nurse’s face. She continued to pump, and another shot splattered across her cheek. She slowed her pace, and the boy spurted a couple more onto her face before finishing.

“Holy shit, thank you Nurse Brown!” The young man told her.

“Well it seems you’re in top physical shape.” She smiled, her face streaked with semen. “Go ahead and let the next one know it’s his turn.”

The kid pulled up his underwear and left the room, walking a little dizzily.

Sarah turned to the nurse in shock, “I can’t believe you just did that. You just gave him a handjob!”

“No I didn’t. Well maybe you could consider it that, but we do have to examine them.” The cum-covered nurse said back to her.

“I definitely don’t think this is how it’s done.” Sarah told her.

“Trust me, I’m a nurse. This is how you test them for hernia and cancer. If they end up cumming, there’s nothing I can do about it! Right? This is how I have always done it.” She told the gym teacher firmly.

“Alright, well you’re the medical expert here.” Sarah agreed reluctantly.

“Yes. Now you take the next one.” The nurse told her.

The next senior football player came into the room and stopped in shock, seeing his school nurse’s face covered in jizz. “Ummm..” he said.

“Come over here and remove your underwear.” Sarah told him.

He didn’t need to be told twice, and quickly walked over in front of the gym teacher and stripped his briefs off.

Sarah reached up and squeezed each of his balls lightly, and the boy’s cock immediately started to grow. She held the base of his shaft in her other hand, and lifted it up so that she could look at his balls closely. She massaged each of his delicate jewels carefully, while her other hand now squeezed the hard shaft of his cock.

The senior boy groaned in pleasure, his cock now completely hard in the hands of the school’s gym teacher.

“Damn, Miss Stevens, this is great!” He exclaimed.

“Am I doing it right?” She asked.

“Doing it right? Oh hell yeah you are.” He complimented.

Sarah Stevens started to stroke him fully now, using both her hands. She glided her hands up and down the length of his long, hard shaft. She figured giving physicals was just like giving handjobs — and that was something she was very good at.

She pumped her hands up and down the boy’s stiff cock, watching as it started to ooze with precum. She didn’t stop jerking him off, in fact she tightened her grip around the stiff shaft tighter.

After stroking him for a few moments, with the nurse beside her nodding her on, the boy started to cum. His cock twitched and a string of jizz sprayed out, hitting the busty gym teacher across her cheek, then another spurt of cum sprayed across her chin and lips, and then more, and more… until her face was fairly messy with his balljuice.

The student groaned as he finished cumming, his cock getting milked clean by Sarah’s hands.

Nurse Brown squealed in excitement and leaned over, kissing Sarah on the lips. They kissed passionately, playing with each other’s tongues. As they broke apart, a string of jizz stretched between their lips. The nurse quickly leaned in again, licking up the sperm on her lips. Then she proceeded to lick all over Sarah’s face, lapping up all the streaks of cum that had been recently sprayed across her pretty face.

The nurse swallowed all the semen she licked up, then smiled. Sarah leaned into her and began doing the same. Her tongue searched across the nurse’s face, licking up the trails of sperm that had been splattered on her. Once she had all the cum licked up, she saved it in her mouth, and kissed Nurse Brown again, spitting the heavy load into the other woman’s mouth.

Nurse Brown unbuttoned her uniform top all the way, taking off her shirt completely. Underneath, her huge tits were bare, and they were tan, just like the rest of her body. She let the load of cum in her mouth drool out over her chin, and drip down onto her busty knockers.

Sarah and the nurse giggled together, and then turned to see the remaining three boys standing in the examination room with them suddenly.

All three of the students were standing there, there cocks tented in their underwear. “We’ve been waiting forever, so we wanted to come see what was holding everything up.” One of them said.

“Oh hell yeah, let’s get in on this.” Another one said, stripping off his underwear and walking up to Nurse Brown, with his huge cock dangling in front of her face.

Nurse Brown didn’t even hesitate. She grabbed a hold of the student’s cock and immediately wrapped her lips around it. He groaned in pleasure as the stacked nurse started to suck him, and he reached down, squeezing her massive tits.

Sarah was watching, when suddenly she felt something poke her in the cheek. She turned, seeing one of the other students with his underwear around his ankles, shoving his dick against her face. She followed the nurse’s lead, and opened her mouth, allowing the student to stick his dick inside her mouth.

Beside her, the school nurse was bobbing her head up and down on her student’s cock, sucking him off expertly. The senior boy was squeezing and fondling her tits happily.

The final student stepped up beside Sarah with his stiff cock poking her cheek, while she sucked the other student off. She reached up, and grabbed his cock firmly in her hand. While she sucked and slurped the one, she began jerking off the other student standing in front of her. The two boys looked at each other and nodded with huge grins.

The student Nurse Brown had been sucking now had his cock shoved between her tits, and she was pumping them up and down his shaft. The boy’s cock slid through her giant melons easily because she had just spit a huge load of jizz down here.

Sarah switched, so she was now sucking the other student’s cock, and started jerking off the one she had just been sucking. She blew him hard, bobbing her head up and down. Her lips were sealed tightly around him, and he thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth.

Beside her, the other student was pumping his shaft up through the nurse’s titties, fucking them with sheer joy. The nurse helped him by squeezing her jugs together tightly, and even rubbed them together, grinding her soft titflesh all over the teenager’s cock.

Sarah stopped sucking the second student and for a moment, and just jerked both of them off as they stood right beside each other in front of her. Then, suddenly both of them pushed forward, sliding both of their cocks inside her mouth at once. She had to open her jaw wide to fit both of the big, thick shafts inside her mouth. Once both were inside, she started sucking on them, like she was sucking one huge cock, and even wiggled her tongue around, sliding it around between the oozing dicks in her mouth.

The student titfucking Nurse Brown groaned loudly as he came. His cock shot a huge load of cum, which splattered up between her tits, neck, and the rest dripped down over her big melons. He kept cumming and cumming for a long time, coating her with jizz, and as he finally finished, he stood there still, slapping his cock against her big jugs.

The two students that Sarah was giving blowjobs to pulled out of her mouth and started pumping on their shafts as they started to cum too, both at the same time. Each of her cheeks got blasted with cum at the same time by two different cocks, then the two boys continued to spray her with jizz, emptying their balljuice all over her face. Squirt after squirt of hot, slimey sperm kept splattering on her face until finally they were both done, and she was drentched in cum.

“Holy shit, that has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” One of them said.

“Well, I suppose you boys should be running along now if you expect to catch the late bus home.” The nurse said, unconsciously rubbing her nipple, smearing some sperm around it.

“Oh shit, you’re right. We gotta go!” Another one of them said. All of the remaining boys pulled their underwear back on and hurried out of the examination room.

“I can’t believe you tricked me into doing this.” Sarah turned to the cum covered nurse beside her. “Physical examination – yeah right.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah you’re right, I don’t know the first thing about giving a physical. But this is the way I’ve been doing it for years. And it sure was fun, wasn’t it?” The nurse said with a smile.

“I have to admit it was. But we better be careful, we can lose our jobs over this.” The gym teacher said, wiping some cum from her lips.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for years.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

After another hard day of tennis practice, Tina stepped into the showers of the girls’ locker room and took off her towel, placing it on the ledge. The newly appointed captain of the girls’ tennis team walked to the closest shower and turned it on, making sure it turn it all the way hot.

The entire shower room was completely open, unfortunately, with no walls or curtains to give modesty, but it had never been a problem; Most of the girls didn’t seem to care, and she didn’t either.

Tina let the hot water pour over her head and drip down all over her body until she was completely soaked. Then she picked up the bar of soap on the ledge and began to lather herself up.

At the same time, Steve McFowler, the school’s janitor, happened to be heading through the girls’ locker room to mop the floors. Steve wasn’t much to look at; he had long hair and was very skinny. Most people at school paid him no mind. In fact, most people in life paid him no mind, so consequently he didn’t get laid much.

He began mopping the floor when he thought he heard one of the showers turn on, towards the back of the locker room. He set the mop up against a row of lockers and walked back to investigate.

To his surprise he found a busty little redhead (Tina) completely naked, soaping herself up. He stopped right in his tracks and just watched. He had seen her around school, and on more than one occasion, he had jerked off thinking about her.

Tina ran her hands over her body, getting herself all soaped up. She ran the bar of soap across her chest, letting the soap suds drip over her young, but surprisingly large jugs. Next she caressed the bar of soap down her legs, letting the soap drip down her inner thighs.

Tina started to soap up her crotch, getting her mass of red pubic hair wet and soapy. She set the bar of soap on the ledge, and started rubbing her slit. It felt great to have the hot water pouring over her, getting nice and clean. She just leaned back against the wall and started to caress her pussy, her other hand gently fingering her clit.

Steve couldn’t believe his luck. He had his pants unzipped now, and was jerking off as he watched the hot little nymph finger herself in the open shower.

Tina opened her eyes just a crack, and saw the janitor watching her, stroking his cock. She had sensed someone’s presence.

“Hey you.” She called out to him.

Steve’s heart froze. He had been caught! Shit! “Oh I’m sorry miss, I was just passing through!”

“Yeah right, I saw you jerking off.” She said to him, giggling slightly. “Well are you going to just stand there, or are you going to join me?” She asked, winking at him.

“Really?” He asked incredulously.

Tina nodded, and turned around in the shower to let him watch as she soaped up her ass. She had a perfect, round little behind, and the soap suds dripped down between her crack.

Steve stripped off the rest of his uniform and joined her in the shower. He walked up behind her, touching her outstretched ass. The janitor gave it a firm squeeze, and Tina moaned softly, putting her hands on the wall of the shower.

Next, he reached around front of her, clutching her perky, teenage tits in her hands, which he started squeezing and fondling immediately. Tina continued to moan, and rubbed her ass back against the janitor, causing his cock to rub up against her soapy asscheeks.

Steve groped and rubbed her gorgeous tits while his cock slid all over her soapy body. “Oh man. Can I fuck you?” He asked.

“I thought you’d never ask! I haven’t had cock in days.” The little nympho confessed.

Steve pushed her over a little more so Tina was bent over, with her hands on the shower wall. He pushed his cock forward, nuzzling it between the folds of her pussy, then buried himself inside her.

Tina squealed with joy and Steve was grinning widely as he started to fuck this gorgeous little bitch. She was by far the hottest girl in school and he of all people was getting to fuck her!

Steve pulled his cock out of her almost all the way, then slammed it back inside her, burying his shaft to the hilt. Tina’s juicy titties were bouncing as he fucked her, slamming into her from behind.

Tina purred and moaned as the janitor fucked her from behind. She loved cock, any cock, even if it was practically a stranger. She reached down and continued fingering her clit as the older man pumped into her from behind. She was already worked up from playing with herself from before, and she was going to orgasm soon for sure.

Steve spanked her ass as he fucked her, and watched the tight cheeks jiggle just a tiny amount. His cock pistoned in and out of her quickly, he absolutely loved invading this young little cunt.

Tina shuttered as she orgasmed, and her pussy dripped down Steve’s cock, and down her inner thighs as well. The juice was soon washed away by the shower water, but she continued to orgasm for a good half minute.

Next, Steve pulled his cock out of her hole as he started to cum. His cock sprayed her firm little ass with blast after blast of spunk. He hadn’t cum in a long time, so he had a lot saved up. Once he was done, he rested his cock on her ass, and watched as the water washed away all his jizz.

“Wow, I’ve never done something like this before.” Tina lied, as she turned around, letting the water soak over her body.

“Really? I’m really lucky. I’ve watched you in school before, and I have to say you are probably the hottest girl in the senior class.” Steve said to her.

“Thank you! I can’t believe I just did this. I’ve never had sex with an older man before.” She lied. “Especially in school.” She lied again.

“Really? Well you certainly do seem experienced.” He said to her, suddenly hoping it didn’t come out wrong.

“I guess it comes natural. You’re only the second guy I’ve been with.” She told him, testing his gullibility.

“Wow, really?” He said again, in the same incredulous tone.

“Yes. So please… Don’t tell anyone about this. It would ruin my reputation if this got out to anyone. Not to mention my dad is very protective, and he owns a shotgun.”

“My lips are sealed, I won’t tell a soul!” This time, it was Steve who was lying.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was 7:30 in the morning when Sarah Stevens got to work the next day. She headed straight to her office, but somehow she ended up bumping into Principal Harry in the hallway. Why was it that whenever she didn’t want to see him was always precisely when he managed to find her?

“Ah hello there, Sarah.” Jack said to her, meeting her in the center of the hallway.

“Hi Jack.” She replied, not slowing her place. She hoped if she continued walking she wouldn’t have to talk to him now.

The principal stepped in front of her so she had to stop. “So how is everything going so far? I heard you and Nurse Brown handled the physicals well the other day.”

“Ummm.. yep.” She replied, not really sure if he had any idea what had really happened. Somehow he managed to find out things that she thought were secret. “How is Coach Hicks’ recovery coming?” She said, changing the subject.

“Oh, I’m glad you brought that up.” He said, rubbing his hands together. “He’s recovering faster than doctors anticipated, however he does need to have some of the football playbooks brought over to his house. He said they were in his office somewhere. I really appreciate it.” He didn’t even ask, but somehow he had managed to put the responsibility on her.

“Well good luck with classes today. I’ll be in my office so please don’t disturb me today unless it’s an emergency. Bye!” The principal said as he walked down the hallway away from her.

She scowled and stalked back to her office.

The day went by quickly, surprisingly, and before she knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. Well, not home exactly, because she had to stop by Coach Hicks’ house first.

Sarah took off her sweatshirt and threw it in the locker in her office, she felt so much comfortable in just her sports bra and the running shorts she had on. She was looking around for her car keys, when there was a knock on her office door, which was open. A young man was standing in her doorway. He looked kind of familiar, and she figured it was a student of hers.

“Hi Miss Stevens.” The student said.

“Oh hi there, can I help you?” She asked.

“It’s me, Brent Johnson, from the other day.” He started.

“The other day?” She asked.

“You know… the other day.” He looked around, then shut the door to her office. “In the nurse’s office. You jerked me off before you sucked off Jim and Matt.”

“Oh yes, of course!” She said. Actually she didn’t know any of the student’s names that day. “About that… Please keep that a secret. If anyone found out —“

“Oh don’t worry, I covered for you, Miss Stevens.” He said. “Principal Harry came to me asking if anything strange happened but I told him the doctor came and you and Nurse Brown filed the paperwork.”

“Thank you.” She said, with relief.

“Yeah he seemed really interested if you had fucked up at all, but I told him you’re very responsible and professional.”

“Thanks for lying.” She sighed.

“Anything for you, Miss Stevens.” Brent told her. “Look… I’ve been thinking a lot about you since that day. In fact, I can’t really stop thinking about you.”

“That’s sweet, Brent, but please remember I am your teacher, and even though we made a mistake a few days ago, that kind of behavior is very unacceptable, and it shouldn’t happen again.” She told him firmly.

“I know, I know.” He went on. “But I just can’t stop thinking about you. About how beautiful you are. You’re gorgeous, Miss Stevens. You have the hottest body of anyone I know, and… Christ, look what you do to me!” He said, unzipping his pants. Brent pulled out his cock, which was fully hard.

Sarah didn’t know what to do. “Brent, please put that away.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Stevens, but I’ve been hard all day just thinking about you. Please help me.” He pleaded.

“What do you expect me to do?” She asked, admiring his big, stiff cock. It sure was the one she had jerked off a few days ago.

“Will you give me another handjob?” He asked humbly.

“Ummm.. No. Sorry.” She told him.

Brent sighed, his cock hanging out of his pants, fully hard like a torpedo. “Well, how do you expect me to walk to my car like this?” He asked.

Sarah looked at him, standing there with his cock out, completely desperate. She did feel bad for him, after all he was a sweet kid, and he had covered for her with the principal. Maybe a little something wouldn’t hurt.

“Ok tell you what, Brent.” She started. “I’ll take my top off and let you jerk off, but that’s it. Then you gotta go.”

“Oh thank you, Miss Stevens!” Brent exclaimed, pulling his pants all the way down now.

Sarah pulled her sports bra up over her head, and her gigantic tits came spilling out. Brent stared at them in awe. He hadn’t seen hers the other day, only Nurse Brown’s. Sarah Stevens’ were just as large, and she had nice big firm nipples as well. Any guy who sucked on those would be the luckiest man alive.

Sarah cupped her hands underneath her huge melons and lifted them up. She squeezed them together a bit, playing with them for her student’s viewing pleasure.

“Well what are you waiting for?” She asked him, since Brent was just standing there dumbfounded.

The student was in a trance as he stared at her gorgeous fuckmelons, but snapped out of it slightly as she told him to start jerking off. Which he did. Brent started beating off as he watched his voluptuous gym teacher play with her tits.

Sarah pinched each of her nipples, which were already hard, while she squeezed and rubbed her breasts. Her hands caressed overtop of them, rubbed along the sides, and underneath.

Brent stood a few paces away from her, jerking his cock up and down furiously. She couldn’t help but think how cute he was, and she kind of felt like giving him a bit more for the generosity he had shown her.

“Tell you what, Brent. Why don’t you come over here and stick your dick in between my breasts.” She told him.

“Oh I’d love to!” He exclaimed.

Brent quickly walked up to her, where she was sitting in her chair. His cock pressed up against her chest, between her two huge jugs. The gym teacher held the sides of her tits and squeezed them together, causing them to wrap around her student’s cock, making it disappear inside.

Sarah started to rub her melons up and down, and Brent started pumping his hips, fucking his dick up through the huge breasts of his teacher. Sarah kept her tits squeezed together tightly, making a nice tight little fucktunnel for her student to shove his shaft through. She pinched her nipples too, keeping them nice and hard.

Sarah leaned her head down and spit a glob of saliva down over Brent’s cock. The spit drooled over his cock, adding a little more lubrication as the horny student bucked his hips against her, fucking her huge jugs there in the office.

“Oh God, Miss Stevens. You have to be the most gorgeous woman on the planet. I can’t get you out of my head. I think I’m in love with you!” He confessed, still rubbing his cock in between her tits, which she held for him.

“Gosh Brent, you sure are a sweetheart.” She said, blushing slightly.

Sarah pushed her student back, and his dick slipped out from between her boobs.

“What’s wrong? Is it something I said?” He asked.

Sarah shook her head, with a sexy, mischievous grin, as she hooked her thumbs under the waist of her running shorts, and started to pull of her shorts and panties together. She lifted her legs up in the air as she pulled them off, and Brent helped her take them off, and tossed them aside.

Sarah placed her ankles on Brent’s shoulders, her thighs spread apart. The student looked down, seeing his gym teacher’s shaved pussy. Her lips were swollen and completely nude, ready for him to plunge inside. He knew he had permission.

Brent pushed forward, nuzzling his cock into her pussy lips, then slid his cock inside her tight little box. Sarah moaned as she felt her student’s cock slide into her, and Brent held her knees as he pushed himself up into her hot, tight little hole.

The student groaned as he got the chance to fuck his gorgeous teacher, and started grinding his cock in and out of her shaved pussy, pushing her back into her chair with each thrust.

“Mmmm.. yeah, you like fucking me, Brent?” She asked, knowing the answer.

“Oh shit yeah, I love it. I wanna cum so bad!”

“Go ahead, cum inside me. Fill me up with your load.” She gave him permission, talking dirty to him.

Brent pumped his cock in and out of her a few times, then exploded inside her. Sarah could feel his cock twitching and spasming, and knew he was cumming. Brent groaned loudly as he buried his load up inside his teacher. His cock spurted over and over, and he figured it must have been a huge batch of sperm he injected into her.

Brent pulled his semi-limp cock out of her reluctantly, long after he had finished his orgasm. He just didn’t want to leave her. As he withdrew, Sarah dropped her legs back down to the floor. She was sitting in her chair, completely nude. A small bit of his semen was dripping out of her bald pussy.

“Miss Stevens, thank you so much. I’ll never forget that.” He said between breaths.

“Well it will be the last time. No offense. We have to put a stop to this. I can’t keep doing this!” She was mostly talking to herself.

“I meant what I said, Miss Stevens. I love you.” Brent told her convincingly.

Sarah looked at him, wondering if he was serious. “No, probably not, Brent. It’s just an infatuation. Look, you’re a great kid, you’re really sweet, cute, and not to mention you have a great cock… But I’m your teacher, and you’re a student. This will be the last time we do anything like this, OK?”

Brent sighed, he was putting his pants back on. “I’ll try.”

Sarah was up now too, putting her clothes back on as well. She still had to run over to Coach Hicks’ house and drop off that information.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Sarah pulled her car into Coach Hicks’ driveway and got out. She had the High School football team’s playbook in her hands, as well as some other grade books and information the other gym teacher needed.

She walked up to the door of his house and rang the doorbell. She heard it ring inside, and waited a few moments. Nobody came to the door.

She rang the doorbell again, and waited a few more moments. Still nothing. Sarah looked through the glass window of the door and couldn’t see anyone inside. She tried the door, and it was unlocked.

Sarah opened the door of the Coach’s house and walked inside. “Hellooooo?” She called out.

“I’m up here.” Came a faint voice from upstairs. “Come on up.”

Sarah climbed the stairs and found Coach Hicks lying in his bed in the bedroom. His feet were propped up on some pillows and he was in his pajamas.

“Thanks, I can’t get up to the get the door. My damn back, ya know.” The coach said.

Sarah looked him over as he lay in the bed. It certainly did look like he had been there for days. “What exactly happened to you again?” She asked directly.

“Oh, I fell off my roof.” He said quickly.

“I thought it happened at school.” She replied, confused.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant. I fell off the roof at school.” He tried to cover.

“Ohhh… the roof at school? Huh, what were you doing up there?” She continued to ask, curiously.

“Oh, the ummm… a ball got lost up there.” He told her, becoming a bit annoyed by the probing questions.

“That must have hurt… since the school is three stories high.” Sarah said again.

“Enough about that. Did you bring the stuff I asked?” He changed the subject.

“Yeah I did, it’s all right here.” Sarah handed him the folders and papers that she had been requested to get from his office.

“Oh, good, good… Thank you.” He said gratefully.

“No problem.”

“Sarah,” the coach started, “You really have been a huge help for me. I don’t know what we would do without you. You’re always picking up the slack when someone needs it. And here I am, the victim of an unfortunate accident that couldn’t have been prevented, and you step in and save the day. Thank you.”

Sarah was speechless; she couldn’t believe what she heard. “Wow. It’s nice to have someone finally appreciate all my hard work. I do always end up having to take matters into my own hands a lot.”

The coach nodded. “Yes, yes you do. In fact, speaking of taking things into your hands. There is one other thing I would love for you to help me with…”

“What’s that?” She asked.

Coach Hicks gripped his cock through his pajama pants. “I’ve been so horny, Sarah. It’s terrible being stuck here 24/7, and my wife left me two months ago!”

Sarah didn’t know what to say. “Ummm, wow. That certainly does suck. What do you want me to do? Buy you some porno magazines?”

“No,” Coach Hicks said, opening the slit in the front of his pants, pulling his fully stiff cock out. He was absolutely fully erect. “Will you give me a blowjob?” He asked.

“What??” She asked, in shock.

“A blowjob. Just suck me off. Please?” The coach asked. “Look it’s not a big deal. We’re friends, and plus it won’t take long at all. I’m so horny I’ll probably blow my load as soon as you wrap your lips around it. And hey, I would do the same for you.”

“Well, I don’t know if that makes me feel any better.” Sarah told him, feeling very unsure about the situation.

Coach Hicks stroked his stiff cock up and down a couple times as he looked at her desperately. “Please, Sarah?” He asked her again.

“Well… Ok I guess. You have been a really good friend.” She agreed.

Sarah leaned over the bed to where the coach’s erect cock was sticking out of his pajamas. She licked her tongue over the tip of his cockhead, then rolled her tongue around the head, before she opened her lips and took him inside her mouth.

The coach sighed deeply and leaned his head back against the pillows in his bed as his sexy co-worker sucked his cock into her mouth.

Sarah began sucking him hard, and her hands held the base of his shaft, jerking him off into her mouth. Her tongue wiggled along his rod in her mouth while she sucked and slurped.

“That’s it, Sarah… I told you it wouldn’t take long… Just a bit more!” He coaxed her.

Sarah bobbed her head up and down on his shaft faster, sucking and slurping messily. Her hands held his cock tightly, and she continued to jerk him off determinedly.

“Here it cums!” He yelled.

The coach’s cock exploded, as he warned her, with a huge blast of cum. Sarah choked at first, not expecting it to shoot directly down her throat. The next few squirts of sperm she let splatter against her tongue. The coach kept cumming and squirting shot after shot of jizz into her mouth. He must not have had a release in a long time, because his cock was like a faucet of cum!

Sarah swallowed the huge load. She had to, or else it would have overflowed her mouth. When the coach was finished orgasming, she lifted her head and stood beside him again.

“Ahhhh yeah… Thank you so much, Sarah.” He said to her.

She wiped her mouth and nodded slightly. “How much longer do you think you’ll be out of work?” She asked.

“Well, it might be a few more weeks, I think. I may need you to coach some of the football games for me.”

“Me? Coach? I couldn’t possibly.” She told him.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” He said to her with a grin.

I went to a party with my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun. We danced and drunk a lot. But my girlfriend was getting real drunk so we decided to go home. When we were at home she immediately fell a sleep. I was lying next to here and was a bit bored. So I started to wrip here pussy. I noticed that it was already very wet so she had a good time at the party. Her black lace panties were very sticky and wet. I was getting very horny.

I wanted to be naughty and so I stuffed her pussy with her lace panties. I went very easily because her pussy was just so damn wet. I stuffed it real deep and then took here vibrator. I wripped her clit with the huge thing and then putted it in to her pussy. I set the vibrator at the highest speed. She was getting real wet now and I could stuff her panties real deep into her pussy with the vibrator. I was lucky that she was real drunk so I could do wathever I wanted to do… When I was playing with the vibrator in her pussy, feeling her panties go Deeper and deeper, I putted my fingers into her ass and tried to feel to end of the vibrator at the other side. It was al so exciting that I almost had some cum coming out of my hard cock. I decided to go to sleep and fuck her the next day. I left the panties stuffed very deep into her pussy.

The next evening she wanted to fuck me after she had taken a shower. I was already real excited because of here panties still sitting in her pussy. She sucked my cock like hell and I asked her of I could taste her pussy. Again it was already very wet and I made it a bit wetter by liking her clit up and down. I opened her pussy with my fingers and I could see the black lace at the end. I’m fingered here very hard and then putted my cock into here fin pussy. I fucked here real hard but faked my orgasm because I wanted to keep here panties clean.

2 days later we went to another party. The past to days were real hot and she had been wearing a thight jeans al day. When I looked at here I could not think of anything else then here black panties in her juicy pussy. That evening I let here getting drunk again and again I decided to go home real early. Again she fell a sleep and I knew what to do… I went down to here pussy and try to reach here panties. They were stuffed real deep so it wasn’t easy at all. I could finally trap them and pulled them out after 3 days.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Her panties were so wet because of here juicy pussy that it was like she had gone swimming with those panties. The smell was heavenly and there were white marks on her black panties of here juice. I putted my fingers into her pussy and now it was very dry. All the juice was soaked into her black panties. I had went to the bathroom with her panties and had the greatest orgasm of my life.

“What?” Steve was talking to me, but hanging so far out of his bedroom window to smoke I couldn’t hear a damn word.

“You deaf, McNeill? I said – my mom wants to come to the movie.”

“Uhh,” I didn’t want to sound too eager about it – Steve’s mom was hot, like way too hot for anyone’s mom to be, so I just said “okay.”

“Yeah,” he leaned out to take another drag, then ground out the cigarette on the side of the house, “I think she’s pretty bummed these days with all the divorce stuff.”

“That sucks, man.”

“I dunno, I guess she’s bored too, with dad moving out and all.”

“Boys, are you ready to go?” her voice came floating up from downstairs.

“Coming, Mom!” Steve yelled back, “hey, Adam, do I smell like weed?”

“Yeah. Spray some cologne over that shit, you’ll be all good.”

We came downstairs and I was incredibly glad Steve was in front of me so he didn’t see my face when I laid eyes on his mom. She was wearing a short skirt and heels, with a soft cotton top that wasn’t tight but just clung to her breasts perfectly. This was nothing like the embarrassment of seeing older women all dressed up and not being able to pull it off – short denim skirts above tangles of varicose veins, or tops dipping low to reveal a wrinkled valley where cleavage should be. Not Mrs. Arista, no way – her soft mounds perked up still, smooth skin above her shirt, and her legs were tightly muscled, smooth, golden-colored.

I tried not to stare, to focus my gaze somewhere else, on the ugly painting they had hanging in the hallway, on the broken stair rail. I could feel my cock stirring anyway, as it was doing all the time these days, wherever I was, however embarrassing a hard-on could be. No fucking mercy from my crotch this time either, as the stirring grew into a swelling warmth, and there I was, rock-hard in front of his mom.

Steve thankfully headed straight out the front door, and I tried to make it past Mrs. Arista, kind of walking with my legs a little wider, hoping the bagginess of my jeans covered me. I thought I caught her glancing at my crotch and raising her eyebrows, but I couldn’t be sure, so I just legged it out to the car and sat there forcing myself to think about football and not imagining how it would feel to get my hands up under that cotton shirt and release her large breasts from her bra, how it would feel to squeeze them. Or what if she really had noticed my erection in there, and had slammed the door closed, stroked me through my jeans before sitting back on the stairs and spreading her legs wide.

I wasn’t helping myself. Steve was staying quiet – probably got too high and didn’t want to say something retarded in front of his mom.

We got to the movie theater, and found seats at the back, our laps piled with large popcorns, mine to hide any further cock misbehavior, Steve’s to feed his munchies.

The movie started, and my worst fears about it were realized. Not only was it full of sex scenes, but they were between a girl and her friend’s dad – an exact reversal of my situation. As I watched Kevin Spacey fantasizing about the hot blond chick covered in roses, I wondered if Steve’s mom had ever had any thoughts like that about me. I’d started lifting since getting on the football team, and my hair looked significantly less goofy since I’d switched from my mom’s hairdresser. Ah fuck, who was I kidding – she just saw me as a kid, Steve’s friend.

That’s when I felt her hand on my knee.

Oh fuck, I thought, having no idea what to do, how to respond. I did move my bag of popcorn to act as a shield, so Steve, sitting the other side of me, wouldn’t see. I sat tight, waiting to see what she’d do next.

Her thumb began moving in light circles, pushing gently but insistently against my leg. How could something be so relaxing and so exciting all at the same time?

The scene in the movie had the hot blond girl naked in the bath now, covered in petals again, but you could make out the shape of her breasts from the way they floated in the water. Between that and Mrs. Arista’s hand working its way crotch-ward, I had no chance, and was already hard again.

I snuck a peek over at her, and her dark eyes were watching the movie, reflecting the flickering scene, while a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

My cock was bulging at the seam of my jeans now, the pressure getting uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to move an inch, just in case she got the wrong idea.

Her hand moved higher and she placed her palm over my hard-on, pushing down gently, moving my cock backwards and I nearly moaned out loud at the release of the pressure. I swear something about the angle switched the bloodflow, changed it up somehow so I got even harder. When I looked over, her smile was wider as she felt me up.

It wasn’t really until I felt her hand on me that the whole thing felt real. I mean, a hand on a leg, okay, but now my cock was pretty much right in her fingers, aside from the couple layers of clothing in between.

I checked to see if Steve had noticed anything, but he seemed pretty absorbed in the movie, scooping popcorn into his mouth as his half-closed eyes focused on the screen. I reached over, put one hand on his mom’s knee, testing.

I copied her moves on me, rubbing over her skin lightly, climbing higher up her leg as quickly as I dared – which turned out to be a long, slow journey up her thigh, expecting to be slapped away at any second despite her hand rubbing my cock.

Her skin was smooth and firm under my fingers, and she responded to my strokes by opening her legs just a fraction wider each time I moved upwards. Soon I was at the smoothest, softest part of her inner thigh, that scooped-out hollow of thin skin where leg gives way to the crease between leg and lips, the tight elastic edge of her panties digging into the soft flesh there. Oh, how I longed to free her from the tight elastic bonds, to pull off her underwear and throw it away forever, have her open and soft and free so the air kissed her there as she walked, so I could bury my face there, feel her soft thighs close, gently vice-like and clamp around my skull as she rocked with orgasm.

Instead, I could only dive beneath the tight, cutting ridge of the underwear, slipping my fingers underneath. There, I met slick wetness, creaming over the slightly rough edge of stubble there, as though she’d shaved just the day before, but for me it was ridiculously exciting that she had shaved, that I was touching real lips on a real live woman who shaved and trimmed and was actually opening up her legs for me.

I explored between her lips with my fingers, moving upwards to try and find that bead I’d heard about, read about, the secret button that made a woman weak with pleasure. “Like the size of a baked bean but a bean you can’t pop,” as my friend Ian had, significantly less romantically, described it.

Then, there, I felt it! Something firmer, a small swelling beneath the slick folds, protruding out, begging for attention, for caressing. I ran my fingers over it, could sense the tiny tremor that passed through her body at my very first touch, and as I rubbed a little more, pushing her lightly there, I heard her gasp, and turn it into a cough.

I kept my face trained forward, forcing myself not to look at her, not to check over to make sure Steve wasn’t watching, in case the checking aroused suspicion.

Mrs. Arista closed her legs, forcing my hand out of position, and leaned down to her purse. She pulled out her phone, and I thought for a second she was about to call the police, or my mother, but she bent her face next to mine as she stood, whispered, “Meet me outside in the bathroom to the left, in a few minutes,” so close I could smell the sweet floweriness of her perfume.

“Sorry honey, I have to take this,” she whispered, a little louder, to Steve, who nodded vacantly and didn’t seem to notice her disappearance.

“A few”? What the fuck was a few? I was left there thinking, hoping a few was a very, very short time indeed, because I was dying to get out of there and into her, so I left it as long as I could before I leaned over to Steve.

“Man, I gotta take a leak. Want me to pick you up another popcorn?”

His disappointed fingers had already scrabbled the bottom of the bag to find only grease and unpopped kernels, and he nodded happily. “Yeah, awesome. And some Milk Duds too. I’ll pay ya back.”

“Alright,” I made it down the stairs as fast as possible without actually running, feeling like giving myself a high five for the stroke of genius with the snack offering. And the fuck-up of time awareness from the weed would mean he wouldn’t trust his own estimation of how long I was gone.

I looked at the door of the bathroom on the left. Shit. It was the women’s bathroom. Well, if anything was worth it, this would be, I thought as I pushed open the door.

An elderly woman with ugly blond streaks dyed into frizzy hair gave me a glare as she exited, hissing something at me that I didn’t hear, and suddenly didn’t give a shit about when I saw Mrs. Arista leaning against the wall, casually waiting.

“Adam,” she breathed, “come.”

I know she meant to follow her, but she had no idea how easy it would be to stand there and explode in my pants at the sight of her.

She pulled me down into the large stall at the end, locking us in, closing the toilet lid and sitting on top of it, already unbuckling my belt, pulling down my jeans, her fingers inside the top of my underwear. She pulled my boxers down, and she positioned her fingers under my balls as though holding up an apple for inspection, then her lips, her wet, warm, soft mouth was on me. She managed to slide lightly all the way down my shaft with her lips and tongue lightly grazing me, until I felt the whole, long warm muscle of her tongue sliding up and down my shaft as her lips gripped me tightly, a strong ring of pressure, with sliding wetness behind it.

I held onto the bars on the sides of the stall, steadying myself, ready to arch back and rocket my cum into her throat, when she licked me slower, long, trailing tongue-strokes, bringing me back from the edge.

She stood up, and turned around, bending down to offer me the rounded peach of her ass as she rolled down her underwear, letting it tangle round one of her high heels. Facing the back of the stall, it was her turn to hold onto the bars as she spread her legs wide, flipping up her skirt over her bare ass.

She turned her head over her shoulder. “Fuck me, Adam, I know you want to. I saw you getting hard on the way down the stairs. You don’t know how sexy that was for me, you getting so hard just by looking at me.”

“Oh god, Mrs. Arista, you’re so hot.”

She reached back, grabbing her own ass cheeks and pulling herself apart. “Show me, Adam.”

I stepped forward, pushing my cock, still wet with her saliva, between her legs, trying to find her hole. She was so wet, and everything just felt slippery and amazing, and I tried to push but met the resistance of skin. She moved her hand to hold me and guided the head of my cock to the mouth of her open hole. I pushed again and this time gained entry, her warm, fleshy walls closing around me, some parts of inside her smoother than others, all wonderfully wet and tight around my shaft.

I drew back and my hips seemed to take over, thrusting the way they were designed to, and I hoped for the life of me that this is what she wanted, that this was the way it was supposed to work because I never wanted this to stop, never wanted it to end, and couldn’t believe my luck if this was actually the way it worked.

“Oh, yes, Adam, yes,” Mrs. Arista assured me, her gasping words, the way she thrust back against me affirmation that this was right. “I want to see your face,” she told me, moving forward, slipping off me, which was the most disappointing second of my life, until she turned around, rolling her shirt up off and over her head to reveal those huge breasts heaving out of her bra as she leaned back against the wall, lifting one leg up, inviting me back.

I got myself in position again, her hand re-guiding me inside, and after the contrast of the cooler air, inside her felt hotter than ever. With each thrust upward, her tits bounced, and I knew if I kept looking down at them bouncing up and down with my cock pushing in and out of her shaven slit in the background, I would come right then.

Her face was next to mine now, her lips in my ear encouraging me onward. “God yes, oh yes, Adam, mmm, fuck, yes,” and she grabbed my hand, placing it on her soft tit, instructing me, “pinch my nipple,” and as I pressed my fingers around the gathered, hard jutting skin of her nipple, “oh yes, yes, harder, harder,” and I pinched tighter, sure she would cry out with pain but she only yelled out, “yes, yes,” as she began shaking underneath and around me. I could feel her pussy muscles tightening around me, clamping, sucking me deeper insider, spasming around my cock, and the harder I slammed into her and the tighter my grip on her breast the longer it seemed to continue.

I looked down at her face, her mouth opened, the yelling silenced now as she simply gaped wide in a yawn of absolute pleasure, as though her mouth could do nothing but scream silently, her breasts bouncing wildly with each slamming thrust and I let go, let it happen, allowed the surging, searing white-hotness to blow upwards, the warm pressure at the base of my cock exploding, soaring up my shaft and shooting up inside her as I thrust and thrust again, not knowing how it was possible to come for this long and then banishing any questioning thought from my brain so I didn’t think about it too long and miss it, and just poured my seed into her. Though her own orgasm had subsided, she still clenched around me, taking it all, drawing me in, her lips on my neck, her breast still squashed in my grip.

She held me for a moment afterwards, then her hands pushed my shoulders back gently. “We should get back,” she told me, “but I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

“Me too,” I nodded, folding my sticky cock back into my underwear, tenderly belting my jeans in position over my still-hardness.

Mrs. Arista straightened her skirt, dropping her balled up panties into the trash can, almost as if she planned to torture me for the rest of the movie with the delicious scent of her sex mixed with my sperm. “Maybe you could come over after school tomorrow, Adam, while Steve’s at practice?”

“Yeah? Yeah! I’ll be there. After school.”

She smiled, slid back the lock, and was gone, leaving me standing in the bathroom wondering if I was having the best dream of my life or whether my life had just turned better than dreams.

I was still dazed as I bought the popcorn and candy, depositing them with Steve.

“Thanks man,” he said, “that was fast!”

Events in childhood shape our destiny. What happens in those formative years may so affect our lives that what follows is as inevitable as if we were a leaf that, once it has fallen into a stream, is carried helplessly away to its ultimate destiny.

Edwin Stearns always knew, down to the day and hour, when a key event in his life occurred: a warm afternoon in August 1879. He was 10 at the time, and had joined his mother Clara and sister Lillian, who was seven, at Oakdale, the family summer retreat. Oakdale consisted of five acres and a sprawling house shaded by tall maples and chestnuts. It overlooked the Hudson River near Stony Point, just north of New York City. His father Elliott, president of First Federal bank, had remained in the city to work.
Edwin had been reading when his mother called him. Descending from his bedroom, he emerged onto a lawn that extended down to the river. Beneath a maple tree near the house was a patio where the family often took meals outdoors. Another woman had joined his mother there.

“Edwin,” his mother cried, “come say hello to someone! Do you remember Annie, who was our maid? She dropped by to visit.”

Edwin recognized Annie Dunne at once. She smiled and held out both hands, saying, “Ah child, ye’ve grown so I don’t know ye. Come give yer old Annie a hug!”

The woman was in her late thirties, lean and at the same time robust, with an ample bosom and wide hips. She had the muscular arms and legs of one who works hard for a living. Her rosy cheeks and bright ginger hair, curly and parted in the middle, revealed her Irish peasant heritage.

Edwin was surprised by the emotions that swept over him. He had not seen the woman in five years; but his first memories in life were of Annie Dunne. Something deep within him was stirred, as if he had missed her in a way that he was unaware of until this moment.

Without thinking Edwin rushed into Annie’s arms, feeling her warmth, murmuring, “Annie! I’m so happy to see you again! I’ve missed you!”

After the hug Annie held him at arm’s length, saying, “Eddy boy, let me look at ye! Such a pretty lad now, Mrs. Stearns, he is. This’n will be death on the girls when he’s a man, I fancy!”

The three engaged in friendly conversation for a few minutes, Edwin standing beside his seated mother. After a while Clara said, “Edwin, talk to Annie for a few minutes. I need to check on Lillian and see if she’s napping like she’s supposed to.”

Clara went into the house, and Annie’s frank smile made Edwin blush. “Ah, ye be blushin’ now, are ye? Well, no need to. Why, you used to love yer old Annie, ‘n nothin’ pleased ye more than to sit in her lap. Are ye too old fer that now, lad?”

Not understanding why, Edwin wanted to be close to the woman again. He settled into her lap. It being a humid day, Annie had a faint sheen of perspiration on her. Beneath her lavender sachet was the scent of the woman herself, a fragrance that seemed to awaken within him feelings long forgotten.

Annie put one arm around the boy and planted a quick motherly kiss on his cheek. “Eddy boy, you were me favorite, ye know. All th’ children I’ve suckled and help raise, and you the sweetest. Why, child, so many hours I used t’ sit in that old rockin’ chair with ye.”

Edwin felt stealing over him a sense of absolute contentment and peace. In this woman’s lap he was in a place of which he had no memory but missed nonetheless. He somehow knew without remembering how Annie had loved and comforted him as an infant. With great reluctance he eventually got down from her lap. And when later that afternoon she bade a fond farewell to Edwin and his mother, the boy was close to tears.

This episode left an enduring impression on Edwin. For days, then years to come, he replayed that summer day in his mind, recalling the scent of Annie Dunne, her warm soothing voice, and the awareness that she had been something to him for which he knew no name. Edwin Stearns was now a leaf, afloat in a stream.


The next stages of his life unfolded according to plan. Edwin eventually matriculated at Yale, earning mostly gentleman’s C’s. He attended the debutante balls and selected among the many comely women available to him Helena Goodwin for his wife. With raven hair and dark brown eyes, she was the daughter of a wealthy shipping merchant and, more importantly, a woman of his social class.

His union with Helena was good for his career. Helena’s father moved many of his business accounts to First Federal Bank where Edwin was now an assistant banker. The woman herself was intelligent and unfailingly loyal to her husband. If Edwin never felt breathtaking passion toward her, then their easy life together more than made up for it.

At age 23, after two years of marriage, Helena became pregnant and bore Edwin a son. And gave her life in the process. Even in New York City, childbirth in 1893 had grave risks. Helena began to hemorrhage during delivery and bled to death, passing within a few hours of the birth of Edwin Stearns Jr.

That and subsequent days were a nightmare for Edwin, who up to then had never known tragedy. At the graveside service on a bright winter day, Edwin wept openly and continuously. Mixed with the pain of his loss was an overwhelming sense of guilt. Was he now being punished for not loving her enough? The thought haunted him.

Edwin’s mother and Lillian briefly moved into the brownstone in the Upper West Side that Edwin owned. Also residing there was Inga Hofmann, a white-haired maid who was responsible for the kitchen and laundry. As soon as Edwin Junior was brought home, Edwin’s mother set about hiring a wet nurse to care for the infant.

Edwin had taken a week off from the bank. His family tried to console him, but he found that he wanted to be alone, and often took long walks through the streets of Manhattan as well as Central Park. Each day he laid flowers on Helena’s fresh grave.

He had just returned from such a trip two days after the funeral. It was a damp dreary day, with a pall of coal smoke hanging over the city. Entering his house, he heard Clara’s voice.

“Edwin, is that you?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Could you come into the parlor, dear? There’s someone here I want you to meet.”

He entered the room and went pale in amazement. Sitting on the sofa was a woman in her early 20s, wearing a dark green shawl and heavy wool dress. Edwin’s eyes were at once drawn to her ginger hair and rosy cheeks. The woman was to him the very image of a young Annie Dunne. His long-lost surrogate mother had, in a sense, at last come home.

“Edwin,” his mother said, “this is Annie Clarke. Miss Clarke, my son Edwin.”

The woman rose and curtsied, saying “Vary pleased t’ meet ye, sir.” Edwin, by turns blushing and going white, bowed to her, saying, “My pleasure, Madam.” Dear God, he thought, she even has the same name!

“Miss Clarke is of course applying … I say, Edwin, are you all right? You look upset,” his mother said.

“I’m fine, Mother,” he stammered.

“Do you already know Miss Clarke?”

“No, of course not. Please forgive my manners, Miss Clarke. I’m still not myself after all that’s happened, I’m afraid.”

“Well of course you aren’t, dear,” said his mother. “No one could expect you to be. At any rate, this young lady has applied for the position of wet nurse. I’ve already shown her the babe and will contact her references. She lives in Brooklyn now, such a long way from here. I was thinking it might be best if she moved into the house and cared for the child full time. Do you agree?”

Edwin agreed. But at the same time he felt a sense of foreboding toward this woman who was a stranger and yet somehow so familiar.

A week later Lillian and Edwin’s mother, who was having another bout of pleurisy, returned to their own home. Edwin was now in charge of the household. He plunged himself into work, often returning home late. The duties of keeping house and caring for Edwin Junior were left entirely to the two women who lived there.

Winter passed into spring and then early summer as both his housekeeper and his nurse proved capable and loyal in their duties. Each morning Annie would bring Edwin’s child to hold in his arms. At first he worried that Helena’s death might cause him to resent his son, but the opposite proved true. He saw the boy as a part of Helena, one last precious gift that she had given him.

To a casual observer Edwin had resumed his normal life. But inside he still felt the same turmoil as the first time he met Annie Clarke. The sight of her always reminded him of that long-ago afternoon with Annie Dunne and the feelings it engendered. He marveled at how the two women could be so alike, not only in name and appearance, but seemingly put here to nourish and comfort those in need of it.

In the evening Edwin would retire promptly at ten o’clock, read for a while, and soon fall asleep. But often he would awaken later and listen to the mantel clock in his bedroom and the occasional cabriolet passing outside on the brick street.

Then a gaslight would be lit down the hall, and he would hear the faint sounds of Annie Clarke entering the child’s bedroom for his two o’clock feeding. Edwin would lie in darkness, thinking of what was taking place in the nursery. Occasionally he would rise and stand at his bedroom door, the dim light from the room beckoning to him seductively.

A man is only flesh. One June night when the warm southerly wind was gently blowing, Edwin could stand it no longer. Soon after the light had gone on in the nursery, he put on his robe and slippers and walked as in a trance down the hall, pausing at the door to take in the scene.

Annie Clarke was sitting in a cushioned rocking chair, bathed in the golden glow of the gaslight. Her head was turned as she watched Edwin Junior suckle her left breast. To Edwin she seemed a vision, the embodiment of every woman who has ever offered from her own body sustenance for an infant. Without realizing it, tears came to his eyes.

Then Annie looked up and gasped when she saw Edwin. “Oh, Mr. Stearns!” she cried in a low voice, “ye gave me such a start! Ah, me heart’s racin’! Is somethin’ wrong?”

“No, not at all,” came Edwin’s reply, his voice barely above a whisper. “I was already awake. I … I see the child so little during the day. Is he nursing well? Does he gain weight?”

“Aye, he does,” Annie replied nervously, “a fine pink boy, always wanting me .. well, ye know.” The woman blushed intensely, not daring to look at Edwin.

Annie was wearing a white shift that served as her nightgown, beneath which were knee-length bloomers. She had covered her shoulders with a white shawl and had unbuttoned the shift down to her waist. Edwin presently saw that mother’s milk had seeped from her right breast and wetted the shift.

“Annie,” he whispered, “watching you feed my son like this is, I think, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Would you please allow me to … to stay here for a while?”

The woman forced herself to look at Edwin, to study his eyes. Since entering his employ he had always been polite and formal with her, everything a maidservant hopes for in an employer. And he was also piteous. She felt great sympathy toward this handsome man, with his smooth skin and well-trimmed moustache. He had suffered a crushing loss at such a young age. She occasionally found herself wishing she could somehow assuage his grief.

“If … if ye wish, sir,” she murmured. Edwin sat in a chair about six feet from woman and child. Her face still flush, she drew the infant away from her left breast, pulled back the shift, and offered him her right nipple, with no attempt at modesty. The man watching was, after all, her master.

Edwin saw that Annie’s breasts were cream colored, round and turgid. Her areolae were pinkish brown, raised and puffy, from which swelled nipples fully an inch long. Little Edwin Junior quickly found Annie’s right nipple and began to suck avidly, pushing against her ripe breast with his tiny hands. Above the quiet hiss of the gaslight could be heard the faint sound of the suckling infant.

Long minutes passed as the man watched his son nurse. Finally the child was full. As he began to lose interest Annie pulled him away and covered herself, whispering, “That’s enough for now, tiger.” She held and rocked the infant for another moment, by which time he was asleep. She then rose from the chair and handed him to Edwin.

As the man placed his son in the crib and covered him with blankets, Annie re-buttoned her shift and pulled the shawl over her. Turning to her, Edwin said, “Thank you, Annie.”

“Good night, sir,” she replied. He quickly left the room as she extinguished the gaslight. Annie likewise sought the refuge of her room, and only then realized that her bloomers were literally wet from the juice of her sex.

The next night and for many nights after, Edwin attended the two o’clock feeding. Often not a word was exchanged between the man and woman. He sat quietly, gazing reverently at his infant and the woman nourishing him.

After a few nights Annie was calm enough to study the man as she suckled his child. Her own prior experience with men had been without exception disagreeable. At the age of eighteen she had fought off a brother who attempted to rape her, the attack ending only when she broke his jawbone with a stick of firewood. Her husband Liam had been a drunkard and a brawler. When word came that he had died in jail, a common occurance in New York in the 1890s, she felt more than anything else a sense of relief.

Edwin Stearns was quite literally the only gentleman that she had ever known. As she bared her breasts she watched his eyes but saw no carnal desire. He seemed more captivated that lustful, truly enjoying the intimate scene of a woman nursing his child.

One night, just as the infant had begun to suckle her left breast, Annie found herself whispering, “Sir, ye can come closer ‘n touch the babe if ye wish.”

Without a word Edwin moved his chair so that he could reach out and touch his son’s tiny shoulder, and then softly caress the down on his head. Now the tension in the air became palpable. Edwin placed his hand on Annie’s left hand that was holding the infant, then after a moment removed it. Both man and woman were looking away, neither daring to gaze at the other.

As if unable to control what was unfolding, Annie drew back her shift to uncover her right breast, then took Edwin’s hand and held it to its warmth. He gently moved his hand over her, probing the heft and firmness of her bosom. Now mother’s milk was seeping out and down her soft globe like a rivulet. Edwin drew his finger over the liquid, collecting as much as he could, and then touched the finger to his lips, drawing in the pale fluid of Annie’s body.

But still neither dared look at the other. Edwin again collected her milk and sipped it. Finally Annie whimpered, “Oh take it! Take it now if ye like, sir!”

Edwin leaned down and took Annie’s nipple into his mouth and with a faint moan joined his son in suckling at the woman’s breasts. At once came that same feeling of comfort as when he had sat in Annie Dunne’s lap. The warm milk now filling his mouth took Edwin even further back; he felt as an infant who needs only mother’s milk to satisfy him. The sensation was too wonderful for words. Never in his life had he known such perfect contentment.

Yet he was still in the present time. His own manhood was hard and erect, nearly throbbing. Finally forcing himself to release Annie’s nipple, he gasped, “I don’t want to be greedy. The little tot needs it more, I guess.”

Again he looked away as he kissed Annie’s hand, then drew up to finally look the woman in the eye. Both gazed at each other in shock, as if the experience of actually meeting each other’s eyes was the most audacious, intimate act of all. Annie’s eyes were damp with tears.

“You are a wonderful woman, Annie,” Edwin murmured. She did not reply, but rather broke the gaze and shifted the infant to her other breast, again making no effort to cover herself.

Edwin now sat silently with hands folded as his son finished nursing. Annie then rose and handed the boy to his father to place into the crib. Afterwards he quickly embraced the woman; then, saying, “Goodnight, Annie!” he hurried out of the room. When Annie reached her own room she still felt the prickly heat in her loins. The copious juice of her sex had flowed out and poured down her legs.

Another week passed. Each night Edwin watched his son suckle at Annie’s breast. And when she bade him, he took his nourishment there as well. But like an obedient child he never insisted, rather waiting until with words or gestures Annie invited him to take the breast.

Edwin became obsessed with that moment, living only for it. He impatiently awaited the end of the workday, then the end of the evening, as it meant that soon he would again place his lips on Annie’s firm nipples and savor that most delicious and satisfying liquid on earth.

Sitting at his desk, every inch the proper banker, his thoughts were only of the maidservant. She was earthy and sensuous in a way that was new to him. Edwin longed to be more intimate with her. He recalled that every few nights, just before the ten o’clock feeding, Annie took a bath in the upstairs bathroom.

One evening Inga had gone to visit her family when Edwin heard the sound of the pipes as bathwater was being run for Annie’s bath. With scarcely a thought he rose from his desk in the study and walked upstairs. Would she would accept his intrusion or cry out in anger? He did not know. But he could no more stop himself than he could stop breathing.

Without hesitation he opened the bathroom door. Annie was standing in profile at the tub. She had taken off her gown and bloomers, unbuttoned her shift, and was in the process of lifting it over her head. She turned and gasped when she saw Edwin.

For a few seconds the man and woman stared raptly at each other. He could not have known the thoughts swirling through Annie’s head. Edwin was first of all a man, to whom she felt naturally subordinate. And he was her master, one whose wishes and needs took precedent over her own. Surprisingly aroused by the thought that she was at his mercy and must acquiesce, Annie drew the shift over her. Holding it by her side and trembling, she turned to reveal in full her nude body.

Edwin gazed at her nakedness in wonder, barely able to breathe. He had never seen his late wife Helena or any other woman naked, in fact had never seen so much as a photograph of a naked woman. The thick reddish tuft covering Annie’s pubic mound somehow made her more primal, more the female animal. He stepped to her and placed his hands on her shoulders, then began to gently kiss her shoulders, neck and cheek. And then her lips.

Annie was taken aback not so much by his actions as his tenderness. When he had entered the room she had searched his eyes for reassurance that he would not abuse or humiliate her. She was relieved by what Edwin’s blue eyes told. In addition to carnal lust she saw the same reverence as when she suckled his infant. And now came kisses not clumsy or rough, but affectionate, even loving. The man and woman embraced, she feeling for the first time his hard manhood pressed against her.

Then Edwin drew away slightly and said, “Let me wash you.” Annie obediently got into the tub. “Lean back and close your eyes,” she heard. She did so.

Now came Edwin’s soapy hands, roaming over her neck and shoulders and breasts, covering her with rose-scented soap. Annie dared open her eyes to look at the man, again startled by what she did not see. There was no leering grin on his face, no indication that he meant to demean her. He was still blushing intensely, as if he were compelled to do this but wanting that his actions please her. It was an entirely new experience for Annie Clarke.

“Now move forward,” he murmured. When she obeyed, he washed her back, taking his time.

“Now stand up,” came the next command. Annie stood in the tub; Edwin, sitting on its edge, took more soap into his hands and began to bathe her calves and thighs. Soon he was at her sex. He drew his hands across the dense bush covering her pubic mound, then slid one hand between her thighs.

Edwin gently but firmly pressed up into her sex until he was touching the woman’s outer labia; he moved his wet soapy hand slowly back and forth, causing Annie to gasp in shock and pleasure. Now came the heady scent of her sex mixed with that of the soap. Under ordinary circumstances she would have been mortified at the thought of a man aware of the aroma of this most intimate part of her body. But this was not an ordinary time.

Edwin at last removed his hand and turned on warm water, collecting it in a small pail and pouring it over the woman, rinsing her clean. After he had finished he stepped over and took a towel, holding it out in anticipation.

Annie got out of the tub and stood as Edwin dried her off. Not a word was spoken. But for the deep blush on their faces, one might have thought that a banker bathing and then drying his young maidservant was the most ordinary of household chores. Determined to render full service, he then held out her bloomers and watched as she put them on. The same was repeated with her shift and gown.

The experience of seeing and caressing the woman’s soft body had filled Edwin’s senses, left him nearly speechless. He took her in his arms, again radiating a mixture of warm affection and lust. “I’ll see you later tonight,” he whispered. With a kiss on her cheek and then her lips, he walked out of the room.

Annie breast-fed Edwin Junior and then went to bed. She slept fitfully, and with something like relief finally heard the baby’s soft cries of hunger just after two in the morning. Within moments she had drawn the infant to her breast, and shortly after saw Edwin appear at the door. She immediately pulled down her shift and once more fed from her body both father and son.

When the infant was sated and asleep again, she turned off the gaslight and walked to her room. She turned to see the outline of Edwin in the door. Now the man and woman came together in a passionate embrace. Looking up into his face, Annie whispered, “I’m yours sir. Do with me as ye please!”

Edwin did so. Off came the gown, down came the bloomers and up over her shoulders went the shift. Motioning for her to get into bed, he removed his robe and nightgown and joined her. Immediately he mounted and entered her. There was no need for foreplay or arousal. That had been going on for hours, through the bath and the suckling at her breast. Now the man and woman only sought relief from the fire raging within them.

Edwin gasped in astonishment as he felt his manhood sink to the hilt in Annie’s warm welcoming sheath. With a feeling of exhilaration he knew that here was a woman with whom a man could take his full measure of satisfaction.

He recalled that the only times Helena seemed to enjoy sex was on their wedding night, and occasionally on the first night of a vacation. But at home, she expected Edwin to maintain the same decorum when he mounted her as at all other times. Their intercourse was quick and with no unnecessary heat or emotion. Helena had seen her role in satisfying Edwin’s carnal needs as a duty, not a pleasure.

But in Annie’s soft warm body he could fully satiate himself, could drink his sexual fill and give the same in return. Covering her face with kisses, he murmured “Oh, you feel divine, Annie! This is truly heaven!”

“Thank ye, sir,” he heard the woman whisper. Her hips moved up to welcome his manhood, and with slowly increasing speed their bodies moved in rhythm.

For Annie too this was a night of firsts. Her husband Liam, when he mounted her, had always reeked of whisky and sour body sweat. But this man now astride her was clean, with a faint scent of cologne. She realized that instead of using her as no more than a receptacle for his semen, that Edwin was in fact not just aware but even considerate of her needs. His gentle kisses and matching rhythm with her proved it.

Annie’s body began to feel more and more fiery, and a tingling sensation arose and swept over her. Expecting that it might soon abate, it instead became overpowering to the point where she scarcely knew what she was doing. Instead of easing the burning she had felt, the movement of their bodies together raised her to heights of ecstasy that she had never known before.

As if from far away she heard Edwin saying “Oh yes, oh yes!” and now she felt hot semen surging into her. This brought Annie to yet another level where an astonishing bolt of electricity raced through her, down to her toes. She clasped the man in an iron grip, unaware that she was crying Oh! Ooh! Ooohh!

Afterwards, for long minutes the two lay in darkness, gasping for breath. Edwin gave Annie an affectionate kiss on her cheek, but then heard a quiet sob from the woman.

“Annie? Are you all right?”

“Oh sir, sir! I never knowed a man could make a woman feel like that. I ain’t never felt nothin’ like it before. Lord, it truly was heaven!”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I love?” The last word escaped his lips without thinking, but once spoken seemed right.

“Oh, no sir! You’re the sweetest and gentlest man I’ve ever knowed! I’m sorry I’m cryin’, sir, but it’s ’cause I’m so happy!”

Now the man and woman lay together in silence, wanting only the feel of the other’s body. And some time later when Edwin’s kisses became more passionate, Annie’s body began to radiate heat once again.

Annie for the first time without fear or hesitation wanted a man in her; she could scarcely wait. And Edwin knew that he would please this woman as only a man can. And that in return her delicious sex would nourish him, would give him a sense of contentment that he had not known since he was an infant.


The day was dull and lifeless. Summer had ended, but autumn’s color was still weeks away. Edwin sat in the library of his parent’s grand home near Washington Square, sharing a bottle of claret.

“Have you found a new cook?” his mother asked.

“Yes, a Mrs. Carlton. She has been very capable so far. The woman does wonders with a pork roast.”

Edwin’s father spoke. He was in his early fifties, with thinning brown hair and a full beard. “Son, when Mrs. Hofmann gave notice, she paid us a visit. She told us that she could no longer work in a household where indecent behavior was going on between an unmarried man and woman. The woman, worse still, being a maidservant.”

Edwin stared into his claret but said nothing.

“Well,” Elliott Stearns continued in his baritone voice, “is there any truth to this?”

Still examining the claret, Edwin said, “Mrs. Hofmann was always a truthful woman. I’m sure she did not make anything up or exaggerate.”

His mother Clara sighed. “Then you must let Annie Clarke go at once, Edwin! Oh how could you, with little Edwin’s wet nurse! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Edwin made to speak, but was interrupted by his father. “Son, we know the grief you suffered when you lost Helena. We all did. You being a young man, it’s only natural to … to take comfort in the arms of another woman. But surely you see what a position this places you, and for that matter, your whole family in. It cannot go on.”

Edwin stood and addressed his parents in a surprisingly calm manner. “The months that I have, as you say, taken comfort with Annie Clarke have been the happiest of my life. I love the woman. I will take her as my wife if she will have me. I can no more let her go than I could give up my own son!”

The room was deathly silent for long seconds. “You can’t possibly be serious!” his mother then gasped. “Surely my boy, you don’t propose to dress this .. this Irish peasant in a silk gown and present her to New York society? Good lord, the humiliation we would suffer!”

Again Edwin’s father spoke. “Your mother is right, Edwin.” Motioning to their dining hall, he went on. “why, you’ve sat at our table with Mayor Croker and his wife, and the most cultured people in this city. You’re a graduate of Yale, you love poetry and the theater. And this woman, this Annie, is she even literate? What can she offer you besides .. well, besides physical pleasure?”

Edwin rose and went to the window, looking out at the Stearns rose garden. “I don’t quite understand it myself. I loved Helena; I think about her and mourn her passing every day. But Annie touches some part of me that I never knew existed.” Draining his wine, he said almost to himself, “I think it is a rare man that finds a wife who is a perfect match; who satisfies him in every way. Most of us are happy with something less. I suppose it’s the same with women too.”

Then he turned to face his parents again. “But for Annie Clarke I will give up everything. My career, New York society, even my home. Nothing matters to me except to be with my son and this woman. Nothing.”

Elliott Stearns had spent a lifetime as a businessman. He could judge from a man’s face what his intentions and actions might be. Had Edwin been flustered, or nervous and edgy, he would have known that Edwin’s affair was a passing dalliance. But in Edwin’s firm jaw, in his skin drawn tightly over his cheeks, Elliott Stearns saw a man who had made up his mind; whose steel resolve could never be altered.

“Father!” Clara cried, “Speak to your son! This is madness! Tell him what he must do!”

A moment passed in silence as Elliott filled a briar pipe and lit it. He rose and spoke in his baritone voice: the family patriarch delivering a verdict of which there could be no appeal.

“My boy, I’ve watched you go to school, take on a career and a wife. But I’ve often felt that you were simply going through life as your family and society expected you. I’ve seldom seen signs of any great enjoyment or passion in you. Today I see that, for perhaps the first time ever.” He paused and took a puff from the briar. “But it may be best to quit New York. If you do, where will you go?”

“I’ve always loved Oakdale. I thought we might live there.”

“And do what?” cried his mother, now in tears, “live on family charity? Dear lord Edwin, you’ll be the death of me! Oh my heart! Someone please tell me this isn’t happening!”

Edwin looked evenly at his father; two men discussing a deal. “The land around Oakdale has some of the best apple orchards in New York. I loved working in them as a boy. Several could be had at a reasonable price.”

Clara Stearns continued to wail. “Oh, now he wants to marry a peasant and become a farmer! Could it be any worse!”

“Now Mother,” Elliott Stearns turned to her, a trace of a smile on his lips, “our grandfathers were farmers, and well-respected men.” He would never tell Clara that he was proud that regardless of his behavior, Edwin had shown spine and gumption. And proud that apron strings were being severed. “Tell me how I can help,” he said in a business-like voice.


Annie Clarke Stearns sat on the bed, resting against two pillows. Beyond the open bedroom window was darkness and the rich aroma of autumn leaves. The only sound was crickets that would soon fall silent as winter came. The woman was wearing a pale green cotton gown, open to her waist. At her left breast suckled an infant; Annie gently caressed its soft red curls.

Edwin walked into the bedroom, wearing his robe. He removed it and, hanging it in the closet, got into bed in his nightgown.

“Well?” Annie smiled.

“Five thousand bushels of McIntosh,” he said tiredly, “and two thousand of Jonathans. The last of them loaded and sent on their way today.”

“Edwin, that’s brilliant! Our best harvest ever!”

“Yes. Now I’ll talk to old man Willis about his four acres that we can add if he’ll agree to my price.” After a pause he went on, “Ironic, isn’t it? They’ll remember this year, 1896, because of another panic on Wall Street. And no one will recall what a bumper crop of apples it brought.”

He glanced down to the babe and caressed her head. “How’s little Emma?”

“Like all the Stearns, I reckon. She loves me tit, ‘n can’t get enough of it.” Seeing the look on her husband’s face, she shook her head wryly and let the gown fall from her shoulders, offering her other breast to Edwin.

He nestled down into the bed and began to lick the mother’s milk that was already flowing down his wife’s bosom. Then he took the nipple, thinking that now, three years older and with her own child, Annie’s flow of milk was stronger than ever, its flavor somehow richer and sweeter as well. He sucked eagerly; the warm fluid was both aphrodisiac and drug. At the first taste of it all worries melted away. He felt, if only for a while, the complete bliss of an infant.

With an absolute sense of contentment as his wife suckled him, Edwin was hardly aware of the faint rumbles of thunder in the western sky. Now Annie was caressing his head; after a moment she said, “You never get tired of it, do ye?”

He paused to kiss her full globes, murmuring, “No, I can’t get enough of you, Mrs. Stearns. Not any of you.” As if to emphasize the point, his hand went exploring under her gown, down to her thighs and her warm sex where already the juices were beginning to seep.

“Don’t get too frisky,” she whispered. “This thunder’ll probably wake little Eddy. ‘N ye know where he’ll want to be.”

As if on cue, they heard the first calls of “Mama! Da-da!” from the next room. By the time Edwin had brought his son to their bed, Annie had finished nursing Emma and returned the child to its crib near the window.

Edwin Junior, his black hair and dark eyes such a contrast to his half-sister, snuggled up to Annie. “Want t’ sleep here tonight,” he murmured.

“You can, son,” said Annie. Turning to Edwin, she whispered, “We can put him back in his bed fer Emma’s two o’clock feedin’, I guess.” After a pause she said, “If ye wake up I’ll feed ye both.”

“And then?” he said with a wicked grin.

“Yes,” she smiled in anticipation, “that too, Mr. Stearns. That too.”

I’m so excited about tonight! I keep imagining everything that’s going to happen. I mean, my first threesome! Christophe promised me if this works out we can even try different combinations – maybe another guy for me. But for now, I’m curious to see how much I’ll like being with a girl. I’m glad I kind of know Nancy – Mel introduced us at a party. She’s really hot. I’m a bit nervous – what if Chris likes her more?? The thing that struck me most about her was her eyes – huge, huge green eyes with long, black lashes. She has dark, long hair and arched eyebrows, almost as though they’re painted on. But they’re real. When I saw her last, she was wearing bright red lipstick, and bright red shoes to match. The shoes made her taller than me, but I guess we’re pretty much the same height. I remember Chris commenting on how great her butt looked in the tight jeans she had on. I felt jealous for a second, but then I had to agree!

OK, so I just got out of the bath. I shaved everywhere, leaving a short triangle of blond hair. I always feel weird with no hair at all down there, but keeping it as smooth as possible makes it easier for Chris to go down on me. Oh my god – tonight maybe Nancy’ll be going down on me! I was surprised at the party how soft her lips felt compared to Christophe’s. I’ve masturbated so many times since then, thinking about kissing her, imagining what it would feel like to kiss with our breasts pressing against each other. I can’t wait!

One hour to go. The plan is for Nancy to arrive here before Christophe gets home. We’re going to be making out on the couch, and he’ll walk in and “catch” us in the act. I’m wearing my new outfit: black skirt and black high heels, with a turquoise colored shirt. My hair is sitting in hot rollers right now, so I’ll have a mane of tously blond curls for tonight… I feel really nervous!

Wow. Just wow. I have to write all this down so I don’t forget it! OK, I got really nervous before Nancy arrived. I didn’t know if she knew how little experience I had with other girls, and I was freaking out. I called Christophe and he was so sweet. He told me just to relax, and have a glass of wine with her when she got there. If we ended up hooking up before he got there, great, but if we just wanted to hang out, that was fine with him too.

Well, that took the pressure off. So here’s what happened, start to…finishes:

Nancy rings the doorbell just as I’m getting off the phone. I open the door, and she looks even hotter than I remembered. This time she’s in tight black pants, with a low cut, twisted red top, and her hair up in a long, straight ponytail. I ask her in, feeling a bit awkward and pour her some wine. We sit on the couch, drinking and chatting. A music video plays quietly on the TV, and I follow her glance to the booty shaking on the screen. She giggles and tells me she knows one of the girls in that video, and she starts trying to identify her friend’s ass, without much luck.

After relaxing for a bit, Nancy gets closer to me on the couch. “You look great today, Amy,” she says, and something clicks, the air changes and it’s beginning. Having fantasized about this evening for so long, I’m almost sad that it’s begun and therefore nearly over. I soon forget any disappointment as Nancy’s lips meet mine, as soft as I remembered. Our kiss is gentle, less pushing and pulling than any kisses I’ve had with guys, more of an exploration. Her tongue flicks mine lightly, and her hand is on my bare thigh, at the edge of my skirt.

I feel myself getting wet already, the heady smell of her perfume filling my nostrils. I reach out a hand, unsure of where to touch her, settling on the curve of her waist. Her other hand is in my hair, cradling my head, and I find the light graze of her nails against my scalp amazingly sexy.

She moves her lips from mine and starts kissing down my neck, honing in on that sensitive spot just beneath my jawbone. As she kisses and licks the delicate skin of my neck, I feel her hand travel up, over my skirt, over my shirt, and cup the underneath of my breast, pushing it upwards. I moan then, her lips and tongue teasing me, her firm grip on my breast. I can feel that my panties are already soaked through.

I move my own hands up her body, which ripples firmly underneath the thin material of her shirt. I want to feel the softness of her breasts spilling over the top of the shirt, and my fingers cup one of her breasts, my thumb grazing over the top, her skin so smooth my thumb seems to skate over the soft curves.

I feel her reach up and roll down the straps of my top, and a chilly rush of air hardens my nipples. I mirror her move, rolling down the red tank top so her breasts pop out over the top. I sit back a little to take in the sight of her. Her breasts are creamy white, with large pink nipples. She has considerably more to grab than my handful-sized tits, and I can’t resist any longer, pawing at her chest like a teenage boy seeing boobs for the first time. She draws back, and says, “Hey, I always wanted to try this.” She picks up her right boob and lines her nipple up with my left nipple, and does the same with the other side, pressing up against me with our nipples perfectly aligned, boobs squashing together. At first it seems funny, and we’re giggly, but the feeling of her soft breasts against mine is incredible. We start kissing again, and I hear the front door click open.

Nancy carries on kissing me, and we’re still pressed up against each other when Christophe walks in. “Oh my god,” he says, forgetting he’s supposed to be catching us going at it, “you two look so hot like that.”

We break away from the kiss, sitting there topless before him, one petite blond, one ponytailed brunette.

“Honey!” I say, in my best June Cleaver impression, “You’re home early!”

The look on his face tells me he’s ready to ravage both of us, his eyes roaming over our faces and chests. “Want a drink?” I ask him and he nods, struck silent.

I grab a glass from the kitchen and by the time I’ve returned to the living room, my beautiful boyfriend is being straddled by Nancy, his head buried between her breasts. I kneel next to them on the couch, kissing Nancy again over the top of his head. Her tongue flicks against mine, turning my insides to a dark puddle and I want her more than anything in that moment.

As if he can feel the heat between us, Christophe lifts his head from suckling on Nancy’s nipple.

“Want to move into the bedroom, ladies?” he asks, and I nod in excitement. I pick up the glasses from the table and bring them and the cold champagne bottle with us. We peel clothes off along the way, naked by the time we reach the bedroom.

“Here, try this,” Nancy tells me as we both kneel in front of Christophe. She takes a sip of champagne and holds the bubbly liquid in her mouth as she takes his cock between her lips. Chris moans at the combination of the fizzy, cool liquid and Nancy’s soft, warm tongue beneath it.

I mimic her, and we take turns with mouthfuls of champagne and cock.

“I want to try it on you,” Nancy says, ceasing to suck Christophe and pushing her tongue into my mouth instead. She tastes vaguely of him, a taste I’m used to filling my whole mouth, the flavor of Christophe’s cock incongruent with her soft, soft mouth.

I lie down on the bed, and Nancy has the champagne bottle there. She pours it carefully over my eager pussy, dripping wet even before the champagne bubbles over me. I gasp as the cool fizz hits my aching lips and when she dips her head to lap it from me, drinking it as it runs down over my clit, my lips, pooling in my hole, I am sure I will orgasm immediately at the touch of her tongue.

Nancy continues her delicate flickering over me, on all fours between my spread legs. She glances over her shoulder at Christophe, who glances at me as if asking for permission, and my naked lust beams back at him. He kneels behind Nancy, slowly pushing the thickness of his cock into her. I know the contours of that cock so precisely, can imagine every veined inch of him probing inside her fleshy walls. I wonder briefly how different her cunt feels to mine, where it is tighter, where her smoothest parts lie.

Her wriggling tongue against my clit distracts me and I lift my hips to her face for more. My hand reaches out as if independent from me, my fingers delving into her thick hair and pulling her mouth even closer to me.

Christophe pushes in and out of her, the sliding rhythm of his fucking matching my rocking hips up to Nancy’s mouth. He reaches out his hands to hold both of mine and we are connected through her, to her as I feel the vibrations of her moans on my swollen nub, Christophe pushing her pleasure higher and her lips communicating every driving thrust directly to my pussy, clenching in joy.

She lifts her head. “You taste good, Amy,” she says as she moves to plant her lips on mine, letting me taste my own salty sweetness.

I grind up against her as Christophe continues to drive deep inside her hole, craving the feeling of her breasts squashed against mine, the weight of her on top of me as Chris fucks her.

He withdraws before the sensation of her slippery wet cunt rubbing on mine can send me over the edge, and lies back on the bed.

“Amy… I want you; I want to be in you,” he says, holding his rigid cock up for me to climb on.

I climb on top of him, hovering over him with the bulge of his cock just parting my lips so he can feel the heat I’m generating, the aching deep inside me, the longing for him to plunge far into me. I slide down him, pushing myself further and further down. I imagine the tip of his cock piercing into the tiny hole of my cervix, and my pussy clamps around him in at the image.

As I begin to ride him, I feel the warmth of Nancy’s breath down there. I twist myself, turning back to see her taking Christophe’s balls in her mouth, one at a time. She sucks one in, rolling it with her tongue, gently sucking before releasing and repeating with the other one. I can feel Christophe’s cock twitching inside me in response to her oral manipulations. I can tell he is getting close as his face furrows into pleading, his cock straining inside me, the sliding pushing changing to insistent pumping.

One of his hands kneads my ass cheek, the other tangles in Nancy’s hair as mine had been minutes before. His cock pummels me harder and harder, and I feel a rush of wetness escape me onto Nancy’s hungry tongue below. Christophe clutches, slamming deep into me as he grabs Nancy’s head in a vice grip, holding both of us there as the cum erupts from his jerking cock.. I feel the force of his hot spurt inside me as he lets out a guttural roar, spurting again and again, his fingers grabbing, clutching, keeping us in place for the whole length of his finish, as if us moving just an inch would stop him dead. His upper body spasms forward at the end of his orgasm and then he is still, lying back, muscles relaxing one section at a time, shoulders dropping back, then arms, hands releasing us from his clutches.

I lift up off him slowly, and Nancy gently licks the remaining cum dribbling from him, eliciting a further twitch, a groan as she takes his whole, slick cock into her mouth and softly sucks it clean.

“Lie back,” she tells me, and I obey. She parts my legs and inspects me. “Look,” she says, and by sitting up and craning forward, I can see the pearly pool of Christophe’s cum collecting in my cunt.

Nancy begins to lick me clean, her tongue slithering over every part of me, my lips, my clit still throbbing, before she dips her tongue inside me. I feel her drinking from me again, the probing muscle of her tongue pushing against every side of my hole, lapping every drop of cum from me. “Want some?” she asks, and even though she swallows before kissing me, I can taste the mix of her and me and Christophe’s seed in her mouth.

We continue to kiss, and the tantalizing hints of her I can taste, can smell in the air, are no longer enough. I want more of her, to taste every part of her. From our embrace, I roll her onto her back, and she lies there, opens her legs in invitation.

I’ve never done this before, and I feel suddenly nervous at the sight before me. Her dark brown hair there is trimmed too, and the way her legs fall to each side parts her pink folds, glistening with moisture. I lower my lips onto her, trying to mimic the gentle swirls of her tongue. She tastes sweeter than I’m expecting, and my tongue glides over her slippery lips easily. I take one of her puffy lips gently between my teeth, tugging on it lightly to reveal the swollen bead of her clit.

I move my tongue slowly around it, an elusive pearl beneath her slick skin, and at every direct touch I sense a slight tremor go through her.

Christophe lies on his side, his gaze flicking from my face buried between Nancy’s legs to her head, tipped back, her mouth open in a silent “o”, her hands grasping at the sheets as I lick her. He’s stroking his cock back to life again and as it become semi-hard he holds it over Nancy’s face, offering it to her open lips.

She greedily begins to suck him again, able to take his whole cock deep into the back of her throat in its somewhat softened state, but the tickling of her tonsils on his cock head soon brings him back to full strength.

That’s when Christophe moves behind me, and I try to keep my concentration on the sweet taste of Nancy as he pushes one finger through my own slickness, expertly and instantly locating my clit and circling it with his fingertip.

He swirls around me, I swirl my tongue around Nancy, my hips juddering back at Christophe as she lifts her shaking crotch to me.

Christophe presses the head of his cock against the tight star of my asshole, his shaft still wet with Nancy’s saliva. He rubs slightly harder at my clit and presses harder, popping inside me suddenly. I cry out, my lips at the entrance to Nancy’s cunt, my sharp exhale washing over her drenched lips, the sound lost inside her.

Christophe pushes in deeper, and I bury my cries in between Nancy’s welcoming thighs, moaning into her as his cock drives further into me. He waits there for a second, letting my ass relax around him before he begins to fuck me, knowing I want it hard, hard and deep and merciless.

I feel Nancy’s motions becoming more urgent, her hips rising to my face. Her hand reaches out to pull my skull against her, and she finds Christophe’s fingers already there, one hand grasping my scalp as he plunges freely now in and out of my ass.

His other hand continues to work my clit, and the combination of his cock jamming my ass full and his fingers teasing me, short slap-taps against my throbbing swell of nerve endings has me writhing back against him. My mouth works feverishly against Nancy, lips pushed tight against her, tongue driving at her clit and back again. I feel like I am doing nothing but kissing her there, deeper than I have ever kissed anyone, tonguing her with all my strength, drinking her in.

When I push two fingers inside her hole, she begins to clench around me, tighter than I imagined possible. The spasms start from deep within her, the muscles of her pussy begin rippling around my fingers and I feel my own empty cunt clenching in response, a shuddering, deep, dark hole of pleasure inside me, somewhere between my pummeled anus and my aching cunt, my clit throbbing and twitching under Christophe’s deliciously cruel slaps and the darkness builds and swells, swells until I can feel nothing but that. The cock slamming into me, the quickness of his fingers, Nancy’s gush of sweet fluid into my mouth, her crying out, all seem distant, far away, as the roar of pleasure pounds through my body. I cannot scream with my mouth buried in Nancy’s quivering pussy and the inability to release this pure energy makes it last longer, all pouring into and out of me, nowhere to go but the shaking, driving, slamming of my crotch.

Just as I tip from the heights of this roaring wave, I hear Christophe yell from far away, and as I fall, twitching, it is his turn to explode inside me, shooting the second load of his creamy cum deep into my bowels. The hand that slapped my aching clit to orgasm now cups Nancy’s plump breast, squeezing it as he cums, his other hand still yanking on my hair.

His orgasm is shorter than before, and he slides out of me, dropping back on the bed in exhaustion.

I lift my face from Nancy, wiping my drenched mouth on the corner of the sheet.

She sits up against the pillows, her face flushed, her breathing still shallow, and she is breathtakingly beautiful in the afterglow of her orgasm. Christophe lies beside her, similarly glowing, both their bodies glistening with a light sheen of sweat.

We pass the now-warm champagne bottle between us, drinking gratefully.

I feel shaky, my orgasm having taken every drop of energy in me, and stretch out on the bed between them, not minding whose gentle hand is caressing my thigh.

And that, dear diary, is the story of my first threesome. I had to get every detail in here ’cause I can’t wait to do it again…and I’ll need some reading material in the meantime.

Kyle was a tall muscular 18-year-old. It was summer vacation and he was home almost every day with his mother. Julie was a maternal beauty. She was about six feet, 130 pounds, with long, milky-white legs and big banana-shaped boobs. Kyle often wondered what it would be like to fuck his mother. To prop her feet back on his shoulders and feel his large cock saw in and out of her sweet cunt. He wanted so badly to dump his load deep into her womb, where his mother’s eggs would surely be waiting.

Julie knew her son wanted her. It was obvious by the looks he’d been giving her. A part of her was flattered by her son’s admiration, and any woman would admit, the boy was handsome, but he was her son and she was married to her husband of 20 years, Paul. Given time, she knew her son’s fascination for her would pass.

Kyle came down to breakfast in nothing but his boxers where he found his mother at the stove cooking. He paused to admire her long gorgeous legs and shapely ass. Julie was in her short silk robe and a dainty pair of high-heeled slippers. She noticed her boy staring from the doorway.

“Good morning, sleepy-head.” She said in her sweet, motherly tone.

“Morning, mom.” Kyle answered.

He walked up behind his mother and gave her a hug from behind. Julie turned her head to him and smiled. She could feel his large penis pressed against the crack of her ass. Her womanly instinct knew that her son’s cock was much larger than her husbands.

“How’d you sleep?” She asked.

“Okay I guess. Is dad gone already?” He asked.

“Yeah, he left a few minutes ago.” Julie answered.

She knew why her son had asked. Kyle’s behavior was much different when his father wasn’t there. He became much more touchy-feely with her. Julie didn’t mind. She knew the horny teen was just going through a stage and would never try anything without her consent.

Kyle squeezed his mom tightly, his shaft was beginning to wedge into the crack of his mom’s ass. He gently slid his hands up the flat of his mother’s tummy until he could feel his wrists resting against the base of Julie’s big saggy boobs.

“I love you, mom.” He said.

Julie reached back and stoked the back of Kyle’s head lovingly, her long nails combing through his hair as she looked over her shoulder at him.

“I know you do, sweetie-pie. And I love you…more than you know.” She said.

“I mean…I…I really love you, mom…I..”

Julie turned to him and placed her finger over Kyle’s mouth.

“SSSSHHHHH!!! I know, love. You don’t have to explain it to me; I know what you’re going through.” She said warmly.

“You do?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, and it’s perfectly natural for boy’s your age to love their mother’s this way. Tell me what you’re feeling?” Julie said.

“Jealousy, I guess.” Kyle muttered.

“You’re jealous of your father, because I’m his?” She asked.

“Yeah and I guess…I guess I know how much you want a baby and…well…”

There was a short pause, then Julie took her boy’s hand and smiled up into his eyes.

“So you’re jealous that I’m trying to have a baby with your father and not with you?” She asked.

“I’m sorry. I know it sounds stupid.” Kyle said.

“It’s not stupid, sweetie. Your feelings are very real. The truth is your father and I have been trying to have a baby for seven long years and so far…no luck.” She said.

“For that long? Is everything okay with you?” Kyle asked.

“I’m fine, but I’m afraid your father has a very low sperm count. It’s possible that he may never be able to get me pregnant again.” She said in a low tone.

Kyle’s eyes lit up.

“Well why don’t you let me try, mom. I know I could do it, really!” He exclaimed.

Julie giggled. They still stood very close facing each other, her hands resting on her son’s shoulders.

“Hold it, mister. You know that you and I can’t go there.” She said.

“Why not? Dad wouldn’t have to know. You could tell him the baby was his. It would be our secret.” Kyle said.

Julie laughed and shook her head. “Kyle, listen to yourself. Do you realize what you’re asking me?” She said.

“It makes sense; doesn’t it? You could get pregnant, without having to cheat on dad.” He said.

“But I would be cheating on your father…with you.” She added.

“Yeah but the kid would look like dad and everything. Mom, I promise I would never say a thing.” Kyle pleaded.

“Sweetie, we can’t.” Julie said.

“Why? Why can’t we, mom. You want this baby.” Kyle said.

“Kyle, this isn’t about me having a baby. This is about you getting into my panties. I have never once in 20 years of marriage cheated on your father and I don’t intend to break that streak with my overly-horny 18 year old son.” Julie said.

Kyle hung his head for a moment, then looked back at her.

“What if I got his permission?” He said.

Julie let out a surprised giggle.

“Your father’s permission?” She asked.

“Yeah, what if dad agreed to let me get you pregnant?” He asked.

“Good luck.” She laughed.

“No seriously. What if dad said it was okay?” He asked.

“You would seriously have the guts to ask your father to get me pregnant?” She said.

“What if he agreed to it?” I asked.

Julie’s face went blank for a moment and she stared off into space.

“What if dad said it was okay?” Kyle said.

“First of all, there’s no damn way your father’s going to let his son of all people have a crack at his wife. He might even kill you for asking.” She said.

“But what if he said yes?” Kyle said.

“Well, if he said yes, which I know he won’t, then…I’d…I’d be willing to sit down with you and discuss it.” She said seriously.

“Us making a baby together?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, I’d be willing to discuss the possibility of you and I making a baby together.” She said.

Kyle cheered and hugged his mother, lifting her little feet up off the floor. He loved the feel of her enormously spongy boobs against his chest. Julie smiled down at her happy son. She thought it was cute how excited he was at the possibility of breeding her, but she also knew it would never happen. There was no way in hell her husband would go for such a thing.

“Don’t get too excited, tiger. You haven’t talked to your father yet.” She stated.

“If he agrees, can we start tonight?” Kyle asked.

“If he agrees, I’ll die of shock.” She smiled.

“But if he does, can we?” Kyle pressed.

“If your father agrees, we’ll sit down tonight and talk.” Julie said.

Kyle smiled to himself confidently. He knew for a surety that having his mother’s ankles propped back on his shoulders as he greedily fucked her matronly cunt was about to become a reality. He knew this because he knew something about his father that his mother didn’t. His father had made a BIG MISTAKE and it was about to cost him dearly.

It was 3 in the afternoon. Kyle knew just the time to be at his dad, Ken’s office. Ken had his cock buried deep in the tight young pussy of his secretary when his son barged into his office. The blond slut pulled up her panties and ran from the office, embarrassed as hell and Kyle’s dad just stood there in complete shock as his own son glared across the room at him.

“Havin’ fun dad?” Kyle asked.

“Kyle, I…I was just…” Ken could think of no excuses. He’d been caught red handed.

It was the first time Kyle’d seen his father’s cock. He chuckled at how small it was. He was anxious to see how his mother would react having a cock over 4 inches longer than her husbands plowing her depths. Not only was Kyle’s dick longer than his fathers, it was a great deal thicker, with fat bulging veins and a huge purple knob.

“Relax dad…I’ve known for a long time now. It’s cool.” Kyle said.

“What about your mother? Oh God, please tell me you haven’t said anything about this to her.” Ken said.

“Don’t worry, dad. Mom doesn’t ever have to know about this, but in order for things to stay that way, you’re gonna have to do a little something for me.” Kyle said.

“Okay…what do you want?” Ken asked.

“Your permission.” Kyle said with a smile.

Later that night Kyle lay on his bed waiting. His father had been home for a few hours and he and Kyle’s mother were downstairs talking. Finally, about 11, Kyle heard a gentle tap at his door. Julie poked her head in.

“You still awake, sweetie?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m up.” Kyle answered. Of course he was up. What teenaged boy could sleep when they were finalizing the deal of a lifetime. A chance to fuck a baby into their own beautiful mother.

Julie came in and closed the door. She was in her silky robe again and the dainty high-heeled slippers. As she strode towards him, Kyle watched her enormous banana-shaped boobs sway beneath her robe. He was confident that soon he’d be up to his ears in naked matronly tit-flesh as he pumped his baby-syrup into his mother’s womb. Julie sat at the edge of his bed with an odd expression.

“Well…I don’t know how you managed to do it, buster.” She said.

“Dad said yes?” Kyle tried to act surprised.

“I can hardly believe it, but yeah, your father seemed to think you made a pretty convincing case.” Julie said.

“Really?” Kyle said, trying to act surprised.

Julie gave him a warm mom-smile and looked into his eyes.

“Really. Which means, Mr. smooth-talker, if you’re still willing, and I hope to God you’re able, I think we should start our plans on making a baby together. Julie said.

“Plans? You mean we can’t start tonight?” Kyle asked.

Julie giggled and stroked her son’s hair.

“You silly boy. You don’t know too much about making babies, do you? It’s a lot more complicated than just crawling between mom’s legs and doing your thing. It can only be done at a certain time, using certain techniques to ensure my pregnancy.” Julie said.

Julie went on to describe the ovulation process and how only during that certain window of time can a baby be created. It was a window which she was due for very soon. She took her son’s hand and their eyes met.

“Sweetie, I realize this is a brand new experience for you. I think it’s important for us to keep in mind throughout this whole process, who we are and why we’re doing this. I think our sessions should be very cut and dry, without any…how shall I say this…unnecessary pleasure. Do you know what I mean?” Julie asked.

Kyle nodded. He knew full well that once he had his 9-inch cock burrowing deep within his mother’s womb all that “unnecessary pleasure” shit would fly out the window.

Days passed and Kyle waiting eagerly for the word from his mother. Finally, on a Thursday morning, Kyle was sitting at the breakfast table when Julie sat down next to him. She had a big smile.

“So…feel like making a baby today, mister?” She asked casually.

Kyle’s eyes lit up.

“Seriously?” He asked.

“Seriously. I started my cycle. I called your school and told them you were sick. I really need to know that I can count on you these next three days.” She said.

“Of course you can, mom. I won’t go anywhere.” Kyle answered. “So we can start this morning?” He asked.

Julie gave her son a warm smile.

“As soon as your father leaves.” She answered.

Kyle’s dick became instant steel. His dream-day had finally arrived.

Kyle was in his bedroom when he heard his father’s car leave the driveway. A few minutes later his mom stopped in his doorway on her way to her room.

“Ready, sweetie?” She asked.

Kyle’s stomach sunk to his feet. It was the moment of truth and he was nervous as hell. His body was frozen in the sitting position on his bed. Julie walked over and took his hand.

“You’re nervous…Don’t be. You’re gonna do fine and when this is all over, you’ll have a baby brother or sister in nine months, isn’t that exciting?” Julie said.

“Yeah.” Kyle said. Yet both Kyle and Julie knew that the exciting part for him was going to be sliding his young, thick pecker into Julie’s love-nest.

“Come on.” Julie said softly, and with his hand in her, guided her young stallion to her bedroom and closed the door.

“I’m gonna go into the bathroom and get ready. I want you to go ahead and get undressed and get into bed, okay?” She said.

Kyle nodded and watched his mother go into the bathroom. He quickly undressed and crawled under the covers of his parent’s marital bed. He loved how wicked it felt to be there taking his father’s place.

A few moments later Julie came out of the bathroom. She had on a big white t-shirt that fell just below her waist. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and Kyle could tell the way her big boobs were flopping about as she walked that she braless and probably pantiless too. She set a tube of something on her nightstand.

“What’s that?” Kyle asked.

“It’s lubrication, in case we need it.” She said.

Julie slid her cute little bare feet from their slippers and crawled under the covers next to her son. She lay on her side and looked at him in a serious manner.

“You’re sure you still wanna do this for me?” She asked.

Kyle smiled.

“Hell yeah. I’d do anything for you, mom.” He said.

Julie smiled teasingly.

“I don’t know about that, but I do think you’d do anything to be the one to get me pregnant.” She said.

They both laughed.

“Are you ready?” Julie asked warmly.

Kyle nodded. Julie lay on her back and put her hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“Come over on top of me.” She said.

Kyle moved over and Julie spread her legs slightly as her son took position between them. She pulled the t-shirt up above her waist and felt Kyle’s cock press against her pubic mound.

“It’s okay; rest your full weight on me.” She said, pulling her son down so that their chests met. Kyle sighed as he felt the huge mounds of spongy tit-flesh flatten out against his chest. Julie placed her hands on her son’s shoulders and with bent knees, spread her long legs apart. Kyle laid his head on her right shoulder and started to nudge his dick against his mom’s sex, searching for that magic entrance.

“Lower.” Julie whispered into her son’s ear.

Kyle felt the head of his cock enter the smooth creamy groove of Julie’s matronly slit. His purple plumb split his mother’s twat and popped into her steamy socket. Julie let out an audible sigh as her sex stretched tightly around the helmet of its new guest. Kyle pushed forward and his thick fuck-steak sunk inch by veiny-inch into Julie’s depths. He could feel his mother tense up. It was at that moment he knew that his mother had never had one this large. Julie was about to be worked in places she never knew existed.

Kyle began to take short, slow strokes, fucking his monster deeper and deeper with each thrust. Julie drew in a sharp breath as her son’s babymaker entered the unexplored depths of her most secret place. Her pussy walls molded around the spongy meat of her boy’s cock, triggering sensitive nerve-ending only touched once before during the boy’s birth. Julie felt the tip of Kyle’s prick nudge against the opening to her cervix, bottoming out with another inch left to go.

Kyle’s natural instincts took over and he started to fuck his big dick up and down his mother’s love-canal. Julie held her baby against her, hanging on for the ride. She brought her long legs up and wrapped them around her boy. Mother and son began to moan as they continued their mating dance. It was only after two-minutes of intense humping that Julie was struck with the most intense orgasm of her life. She was completely at its mercy.

“OHHHHH…GOD!!!!!” Julie screamed.

Kyle fucked hard and watched as his mother gritted her teeth, her face red and contorted. Julie let out a series of grunting screams, like a woman during childbirth, as the waves of orgasmic contractions ripped through her body.

Kyle’s thick young dick pistoned in and out of the 39 year-old cunt, his big floppy balls slapping against the sweaty crack of Julie’s ass again and again. For ten dick-grinding minutes he continued to hump his dream-pussy and it was everything he imagined it would be. Suddenly, he felt his mother tense up again.

“OHHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDD!!!! Julie wailed, in a crying tone.

Once again Kyle picked up his pace as a second orgasm ripped through his gorgeous mother. Julie nearly cried it hit her so hard. Her body shook and quivered and she let out a long crying groan, so loud the neighbors could probably hear it.

Kyle felt his nuts tighten and a torrent of semen erupted from his cock. Using her heels Julie drew him in, his cock knocking against the back of her fuck-pocket.

“Go deep!!! DEEP!!! She commanded.

Julie felt the ropes of hot jism jetting against the mouth of her cervix. Billions of potent sperm would soon start their journey in search of her eggs.

Kyle rolled off of his mother. He had just dumped a huge load of spunk deep within her cunt. Julie propped a pillow under her ass as she stayed on her back.

“What are you doing, mom?” Kyle asked.

“I have to elevate my hips to let as much of your sperm as possible into my cervix.” She answered.

“Did I do okay?” Kyle asked.

“Okay? You were…You did wonderfully.” She said, stroking her son’s cheek.

“All that screaming you did, I felt like I was hurting you.” Kyle said.

“Hurting me? Oh, sweetie, no. It…It was a different type of screaming.” Julie said.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“Well, lots of women scream when they have really powerful orgasms. Mom was just feeling really good, that’s all.” She said.

“I like to make you feel good.” Kyle said.

Julie smiled at him warmly.

“I know you do, love, but we need to remember that making each other feel good isn’t really our purpose here. Our goal is to make you a little brother or sister, okay?”

“Okay.” Kyle answered.

“I’m gonna lay here for a little while. Why don’t you go play some video games or something for a bit.” Julie said.

“All right.” Kyle said.

Kyle went to his room for and hour. He couldn’t get the amazing experience of fucking his mother and making her cum out of his mind. He could hear his mother’s shower come on and knew she was getting cleaned up.

A few minutes later Julie called from her bedroom.

“Kyle, sweetie, can you come back down.” She asked.

Kyle leaped off his bed and was back into his parent’s room in a flash. His pecker was already on the rise. He froze when he saw his gorgeous mother standing in front of her mirror, brushing her long hair, which was still wet from her shower. Julie had on a men’s tank top undershirt which hugged her enormous banana-shaped boobs. She also wore a skimpy pair of almost transparent white panties, which were cut so low, nearly a third of the crack of her shapely ass was exposed. She wore a tiny pair of glass-like slippers, with a four-inch heel that made her look like a fucking sex goddess.

“Ready to have another go at it?” Julie said.

“Hell yeah.” Kyle said. He threw off his boxers and leaped back into his mother’s bed.

Julie giggled at his eagerness.

“You’re so cute.” She said lovingly.

Kyle watched his mother round the bed. Her huge sagging tits rolled from side to side, like big milk-sacks, with giant nipples poking through the fabric. Julie sat on the bed. She looked at her son with a smile as she slipped out of her panties and moved under the blankets next to him.

“Shall we plant some more seeds, mister?” She said.

Kyle followed as his mother directed him on top of her. Julie’s long legs parted. Kyle’s dick found its target and sunk back into the warm softness of his mother’s cunt. Kyle started to hump, but Julie stopped him.

“Wait…We need deeper penetration this time. Let’s throw my legs back and rest my ankles on your shoulders.” She said.

Kyle couldn’t believe his ears. Was she serious? This was the position he dreamed about. Julie kicked her legs back with ease and Kyle penned them down so that his head was now between his mother’s pretty little feet. Her fat cunt splayed wide open and the thick young dick of her son quickly stuffed it full. Kyle’s cock sunk to the balls, his cock-head smashed against the lips of Julie’s cervix.

Like a pro, Kyle started fucking his mother with long hard stokes. They were face to face and Julie stared into her son’s eyes as she felt the enormous girth of his boy-streak fuck her harder and deeper than she’d ever been fucked. Kyle noticed his mother’s mouth was partially open, lightly panting with each thrust. The sight of her feet on his shoulders with her pretty little toes pointed was driving him nuts. Like a steam-engine he pumped her cunt. He was determined to fuck more than a baby into this matronly beauty. He was going to make her cum harder than she ever had before, again and again.

It didn’t take the 18 year old very long to reach his goal. After about ten minutes of pussy-pounding, his mother started panting heavily. She was still staring into his eyes, like a helpless little puppy-dog at the mercy of its master. The boy had a huge cock and he knew how to use it. Mother or not, she couldn’t help but respect that.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” Julie wailed.

Kyle dick went into overdrive, fucking Julie’s sloppy cunt like a wildman.


Julie stiffened and her entire body started to convulse. Kyle held her legs down and just kept feeding his fat cock in and out of Julie’s mommy-cunt. For a full two minutes Julie shook and screamed, growling through gritted teeth as she rode through one orgasmic contraction after another.

Kyle smiled confidently. He knew that this time around he could go on forever. He had amazing stamina and was determined to keep his mother cumming in buckets. The teenaged boy rested his full weight down on the middle-aged mom and worked his cock into a nice full-stroked rhythm. He could feel great gobs of spongy boob-flesh quivering against his chest. The next three days were his and he was going to savor every fucking second of it.

Kyle and his mother Julie had been at it non-stop for nearly an hour. Julie had cum six more times. Her son had given her more orgasms today than she had the entire month with her husband. Kyle dumped his load deep into Julie’s twat and rolled off of her, completely exhausted. She propped her hips up with a pillow to keep all his potent syrup inside of her.

“Honey, why don’t you go down to your room and have a nap, you must be exhausted.” She said.

Kyle went to his room and within minutes he was fast asleep. He woke an hour later to someone stroking the side of his head. He turned to find his mother sitting on the edge of his bed. She smiled down at him.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. Time to get back to work.” She said.

“What time is it?” Kyle asked, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s three-thirty. We have time for one more session before your dad comes home. Why don’t you freshen up, then come back down to my bedroom, okay?” Julie said.

“Okay.” He answered.

Julie left and Kyle washed his face and went back down to his parents’ bedroom. His mother was sitting at the foot of the bed waiting. He noticed a wooden chair nearby.

“What’s that for?” He asked.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you.” She said.

Kyle sat in the chair. Julie had her long milky-white legs crossed and Kyle couldn’t help but admire them. He couldn’t believe that he had those beautiful legs wrapped around him earlier as he layed in to his mother’s cunt. It all seemed like one big wet dream.

“They say that ninety-percent of a man’s sperm never makes it through the opening to the woman’s cervix, so I have an idea that might greatly increase our chances of getting me pregnant.” She said.

“Okay.” Kyle said.

“If we could somehow get you through the head of my cervix, when you ejaculate your sperm will have already bypassed one of their biggest obstacles.” She explained.

“Is that possible?” Kyle asked.

“Well, you definitely have the length for it, but we’d have to try a new position in order to achieve maximum depth. Would you be okay with that?” Julie asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Kyle asked.

“Well, the first two times we were under the blankets and you were on top. This time we’d have to be a little more exposed…and I’d have to be on top of you.” She said.

“Well, whatever has to be done, I suppose.” Kyle said.

Julie smiled at him lovingly.

“You are such a sweetheart doing this for me.” Julie said.

She stood up, walked over to Kyle and gave a little tug on the leg of his boxers.

“Get these off.” She whispered.

Kyle slipped out of his boxers and his big dick bobbed up and down. Julie glanced at the boy’s cock, then looked him in the eyes.

“I don’t know where you got your size. Must have been my side of the family.” She said.

“Dad’s isn’t this big?” Kyle asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Your father’s penis is…fair sized, but I would say that what you have down there is, well…how shall I say this…much, much larger than most. I have a feeling it’s going to make lots of beautiful babies…starting with ours.” Julie said.

“I hope so.” Kyle said proudly.

“Well, mister…” Julie said as she reached under her robe and slid her panties down her long legs. She kicked them to the side and smiled at Kyle. “We have a baby to make.” She said.

“Mom…I…” Kyle started.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” She asked.

“I was just wondering if maybe you’d…” Kyle tried to spit out his words as he looked at the swell of his mother’s enormous breasts. “If you’d…”

“Take off my robe?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Kyle said bashfully.

“I don’t know, sugar. I promised your father that I’d keep our sessions as unrevealing as possible.” She said.

“Yeah but…you’ve seen me. It’s no big deal, right?” Kyle asked.

“Sweetie, your penis is a necessary part of this process…my breasts aren’t. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea.” Julie said.

“What about your orgasms? Were those a necessary part of this process?” Kyle said.

“Now hold on a minute, mister. Those were totally beyond my control.” Julie said.

“Then it shouldn’t bother dad to know that you’ve had nine of them today.” Kyle smiled.

“Kyle, you wouldn’t dare tell him about those. Sweetie, you can’t…it would break his heart.” Julie said pleadingly.

“Yeah…he’d be pissed as hell.” Kyle smiled.

Julie put her hands on her waist and glared down at Kyle.

“Okay, mister, I can see where you’re going with this. Tell you what…if I lose the robe, you gotta promise me that those orgasms stay between us, got it?” She said.

“Yeah, of course.” Kyle said.

“And one more thing, buster. Just because my boobs are naked and they’re bouncing around on you doesn’t mean they’re up for grabs, understand?” She said.

“Perfectly.” Kyle answered.

Julie moved to Kyle’s side and threw her leg over his lap, straddling him.

“Sure you’re gonna be able to handle the weight of me on top of you?” She asked.

“Yeah, no problem.” Kyle answered.

Julie sat on Kyle’s lap and his big hard dick wedged up against her fat clit. She brought her feet up and placed her heels on the back edge of the seat of the chair and rested her hands on Kyle’s shoulders. Kyle could feel the full weight of his mom’s ass resting on his lap. Julie looked into her son’s eyes.

“Untie my robe.” She whispered.

Kyle did as he was told and Julie’s robe fell open, exposing the deep canyon between her big milky-white breasts.

“Now slide it off my shoulders.” She said.

Kyle did so and Julie’s robe fell to the floor. Her son gawked at her enormous banana-shaped breasts. The sagging utters hung low on Julie’s chest and were capped with giant saucer-sized nipples.

“See…you’re not the only one in this family who’s well endowed.” Julie said with a smile.

“Wow…they’re beautiful.” Kyle said.

“They’re heavy…and they’ll get a lot heavier as I progress into my pregnancy…but first I have to GET pregnant which is never gonna happen if you just sit there staring.” She said with a giggle.

“Oh…sorry.” Kyle said.

“It’s okay, love. I realize it’s not every day that a boy your age gets this close to boobs as big as mine.” Julie said as she combed through Kyles hair with her long nails. “It must be a little overwhelming.” She said.

“A little.” Kyle said, his eyes still glued to his mom’s amazing chest.

“Well, shall we try and get that big baby-maker of yours into my cervix?” She asked.

Julie moved forward and her spongy tit-sacks pressed against Kyle’s chest. She lifted her ass, grabbed his meaty pecker and positioned the purple bulb into the fleshy groove between the big pink lips of her labia. She lowered her ass back down and Kyle’s cock stretched his mother’s pouch as it sunk inch by inch.

Kyle felt his knob grind against the back wall of Julie’s cunt as he bottomed out. Julie held her son tight, resting her head on his shoulder as she worked her hips back and forth. For a good five minutes Julie worked the lips of her cervix against the tip of her baby’s cock.

“Come on, sweetie, we gotta work it through.” She panted.

Julie started to bounce slightly on her son’s lap. It wasn’t long before Kyle felt his fat bulb work itself into the groove of his mother’s cervical lips.

“Oh my God, yes. Thrust your hips, baby, I can feel it going in…That’s it, work it through.” Julie said.

Finally, Kyle felt his knob slide through the lips and into Julie’s cervix.

“Yes. Oh darling, you did it! You’re inside my cervix.” Julie announced.

Julie worked a good inch of Kyle’s dong into her secret chamber. Her cervical ring pulsed around Kyle’s shaft, closing tight around the thick invader.

“We need to keep it inside. I want you to stay as still as you can while I ride you.” She said.

For the next 15 minutes Julie did the little bump and grind. Using her strong cunt muscles, she squeezed and released and squeezed and released over and over, try to milk an orgasm from him, but at the same time, keeping the tip of his cock inside her precious cervix.

“How are you feeling, love?” She asked.

“I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to cum this way, unless I thrust.” Kyle said.

“No, you can’t thrust, sweetie. I have to keep you inside my cervix.” Julie said. She thought for a moment, still working her hips in a small circle on his manhood. “Okay, there’s only one way this is gonna work. We both have to completely let go.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“What I mean is, for a few minutes we have to forget that we’re mother and son. We have to break the rules and completely let go. If we do this, I think we’ll be able to excite an orgasm out of you.” Julie said. “You need to understand though that what I’m about to do will never, ever happen again. I’m only doing it to get you excited, understand?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Kyle said.

As Julie continued to work her cunt muscles like a pro, she looked straight into Kyle’s eyes. Slowly, she brought her lips to his and gave him a slow sensual kiss, then another, then another. She pulled his face to her big pillowy boobs.

“Oh sweet baby…suck my big soft titties, lover.” She moaned.

Kyle and Julie didn’t know it but Julie’s husband had come home early. He knew full well that there was a chance that his wife and son might be having one of their sessions upstairs. Even though Jim knew he deserved it by cheating on his wife, he couldn’t help but feel absolute rage at the fact that his cocky teenaged son was dicking his own wife. And even worse, that the two of them were making a baby together, something he should be capable of doing, but wasn’t.

Jim heard his wife let out a loud moan upstairs. He carefully creeped up the steps and down the hallway to his bedroom door. He could hear Julie panting, moaning as she rode their son’s young cock. What he was completely unprepared for was his wife’s attempt to get their son to cum.

“Oh Kyle baby, feel my pussy surrounding your big cock, lover.” She said. “Oh, that’s it, suck my big titties, baby.” She moaned.

Jim’s stomach sunk as he listened to the two of them.

“Come on, stud, pump a baby into your mother, lover. Oh my God, I think I’m gonna cum again.” Julie moaned.

Jim’s mouth fell open as he listened to his wife’s words.


Jim backed down the hallway. He was feeling sick and looking pale. As Julie reached her climax, her screams filled the entire house.


Jim jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen, but try as he may, he couldn’t hide from his wife’s voice.

“OOOHHHHH!!!!!! OOOHHHHH!!!! Julie wailed.

Upstairs Kyle’s face was buried in tit-flesh. He licked and sucked his mother’s giant nipples. Julie continued to grunt and groan as the orgasmic contractions shook her. Kyle felt the rush of his mother’s hot orgasmic fluid soak his big balls.

Ten minutes later Kyle felt a torrent of semen rocket up his shaft.

“Oh, mom…I’m cumming!!!” He announced.

Julie worked her coital wall with intense force, coaxing the milk from her young partner’s wand. She suddenly felt thick ropes of jism explode into her cervical chamber. Strand after thick potent strand of creamy fuck-milk filled Julie’s insides and she knew that the billions of sperm were well on their way to finding and fucking her precious egg.

Jim was sitting at the kitchen table when Julie came down the stairs a half hour later. She looked freshly showered and wore a sundress and high-heeled slippers. She paused in the kitchen doorway when she saw her husband.

“Sweetie…you’re home early. Is everything okay?” She asked.

“No…Not really.” He answered.

A nervousness swept over Julie’s face.

“How long have you been home?” She asked.

“Long enough to hear my wife’s orgasm. Number ten huh?” He asked disappointedly.

“Jim, I…we didn’t really…” Julie was at a loss for words. She knew she’d been caught red handed.

“I can’t believe you’d do this. Jesus, Julie, the things you were saying to him.” Jim said.

“Hold on a minute. If this is such a problem, then why the hell did you give us the okay to make a baby in the first place?” Julie asked.

“I gave him the okay to get you pregnant, not to fondle your breasts and whatever the hell else he was doing in there. You’re my wife for Christ’s sakes, that little bastard has some nerve.” Jim spouted.


“You promised me that your sessions would be quick and unrevealing. I heard you call him your lover, Julie and an “amazing little motherfucker.” How the hell am I supposed to take that?” Jim asked.

Julie shook her head as she sat down in a chair.

“I don’t know what to tell you…but if you’re expecting an apology you can go fuck yourself. Kyle and I are doing what we have to do to make this baby.” Julie said angrily.

“Ten orgasms. Is that what it takes to get pregnant these days?” Jim asked in a smart ass tone.

“What seems to be the problem, dad?” Kyle asked as he entered the kitchen from the hallway.

Jim jumped up from his chair.

“The problem is she’s your mother and a married woman and from what I heard, the two of you were getting into it much too hot and heavy.” Jim said.

“I thought we had a deal, dad.” Kyle said sternly.

“We did, but this funny business wasn’t part of the deal.” Jim answered.

“The deal was I get mom pregnant. I don’t think you’re really in a position to tell us how we can or can’t make that happen; do you?” Kyle asked, staring his father down.

Julie looked up at her son, who had now moved up next to her as she sat. She then looked at her husband, awaiting his answer.

“WELL…DO YOU?” Kyle shouted.

“No, I don’t.” Jim answered, looking at the floor like a scolded child.

“Then here’s what’s gonna happen. Mom and I are gonna make this baby, OUR WAY, and you’re gonna keep your fucking mouth shut, understand?” He asked.

Julie looked up at her young hero. Her eyes traveled down his muscular body and it struck her that Kyle was a complete stud, in every possible way. At the tender age of 18, her son was more of a man than her husband could ever be. She suddenly felt a complete awe and respect for this handsome stud of a teenaged boy. The middle-aged mom gazed up at her son like a young teenaged virgin at the feet of the aggressive, big dicked football player. It was pure puppy-love.

“Now, how ’bout you get the fuck out of here before I decide to call this deal off.” Kyle threatened.

Jim was fuming mad, but he knew that his son held a secret that would completely destroy his marriage. He stormed out of the kitchen. Julie watched him leave with a slight smirk on her face. She couldn’t believe how much power her son had over her husband. She stood up and Kyle faced her.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah…I’m fine. Sweetie, that was…so brave of you.” She said.

“I just had to set him straight, that’s all.” Kyle said.

Julie took Kyle’s hands into hers and stared into his eyes.

“You’re so brave…like a knight in shining armor…and I’m like the princess…the princess who’s falling for him.” She said lovingly.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“What I mean is what I said…” Julie answered as she moved in close to him. “You better be careful, ’cause right or wrong…YOUR MOTHER’S FALLING FOR YOU…BIG TIME!” Julie said wickedly. She gave him a loving peck on the forehead, then both of them stared into each other’s eyes for a good ten seconds, like two lovers sharing that silent look of lust. It was clear that for the first time, Julie was hungering for her son’s cock, and not just for the purpose of making a baby.

Angela and I had been dating for a few months and rarely got to see one another for much more than a day a week. Weekends were normally the only days which were available for us to see each other and normally our ‘dates’ were rather stale and uninteresting. I was quite young at the time and was quite easily aroused by just about anything regarding a female.

Our ‘date’ started as any other, the usual awkward encounter involving her parents and I followed swiftly by leaving and wandering aimlessly. It was early summer and Angela still had her pool set up outside of her house, just across the street and incidentally just out of view of her watchful parents. I was in great shape due to Swimming every day for the entirety of the year and certainly wasn’t afraid to take my shirt off around my girlfriend of a few months.

I can still remember the experience quite vividly, Angela wore a yellow bathing suit with white doves on it, a two piece with the lace in the back. It went well with her eyes, one of the things which I loved about her. She had some of the most beautiful blue-green eyes I have ever seen, even today. They were absolutely mystifying. The yellow color of her bathing suit went quite nicely with her messy blonde hair, let loose to be blown about in the wind. It was an interesting experience in the pool indeed though at first it was rather boring.

When we hopped in we engaged in some of the stupidest things we could think of, jousting with noodles and random splash war cyclones. We were young and that was what came to mind as fun to do in a pool. The water was quite comfortable, just warm enough to feel nice on the skin. The summer sun had done a great job of heating it up for us.

We pranced about for a while, and then we got bored. I decided to be a bit of a silly kid and take grabs at her ass, she didn’t mind all too much but she did jerk away and say “Innapropriate!” and then giggled at me. This tango continued for a minute or two when I finally decided to be a bit more aggressive.

Angela was still swimming around in the pool when I grabbed her from behind, rather lightly by the breast, she arced her neck back and smiled. She turned around and threw and arm around my back and pushed me against the wall of the pool and kissed me on the lips. We fell into the water together, lips still tightly locked and continued even while under the water. This short makeout session was indeed intense, sort of like an altered version of the “Who can hold their breath longer game” with more physical contact.

Angela rose to the surface first, clearly unable to match the lung capacity of a swimmer, I stayed underneath and had a bit of fun. I swam away at first, and took one strong stroke to return with my ballistic trajectory aimed directly at Angela. When we collided, I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and pulled her under the water with me. While she was underneath I took a deep breath and went back under. I pressed my body against hers and rested my head between her breasts.

When we both rose to the surface she had her thigh wrapped around my back, I gently nuzzled her breasts and she slid down a bit, moving my mouth to hers and we resumed making out. The kissing intensified and I could tell she was much more into it, she even took the liberty to grab her own feel of my ass. I jumped a bit at that, not expected a retaliation on her part.

We wrestled a bit in the water and then I pulled away, she jumped onto my shoulders and I fell back into the water. I freed my hands and untied the top of her bathing suit. She laughed to herself as I said “Whoops, my fingers slipped a few times.” I pulled the strings away and let loose her breasts, quite sizable breasts in reality, some of the largest I’d ever seen. Her measure was in the late Cs and early Ds, almost too much for me.

She was obviously not used to being exposed to anyone and she became a bit shy once her breasts were set free, but I insisted that they were perfect. Finally, she said “Oh, fine.” and we resumed making out. I went a bit lower this time, I played around with her ass cheeks for a while until she finally stopped me. She said “Well, I’m already half naked, what about you?” This caught me off guard and I tossed out the words “Fine, won’t you help me out here?”

Angela grabbed hold of my Jammers and pulled them down to my ankles as I reached behind her and untied her bathing suit. Before this day I had only seen a vagina on the internet and it was an incredible experience. We resumed making out, now completely naked in her pool. I was reluctant at this point despite pushing so hard to get here but now she was the one who insisted. She urged me to continue, and I agreed. I grabbed her by the shoulder for support and used my right hand to find my penis entry. Once inside the fun began, We fell into the water once again still locked together and I began thrusting into her underneath the surface. I could hear the moans even from under the water.

I had never experienced anything like it, I’d masturbated plenty in ‘preparation’ for this day, but no amount of hand stimulation could prepare me for how great her moist vagina felt enveloping my rock solid penis. My body felt warm and cold at the same time, I felt shockwaves coming from my chest all the way to my neck from the contact, I loved every minute of it.

I was surprised at my stamina for my first time, despite how much better the real thing felt I was still able to control myself, Angela was pretty surprised as well. She was shaking by the time I was ready to go and indeed, go I did. I know that everyone describes their first time’s cum experience as the strongest, but this was absolutely ridiculous. I pulled out as my penis began to pulsate and I had to breathe deeply to compensate. Having risen from the water Angela took my penis in her mouth and began sucking.

I was almost gasping for air as I inched closer and closer to my climax when finally the fireworks were lit and I was set off. I let out what seemed to me like a sound of relief but turned out to be something more like someone about to sneeze the world’s largest sneeze. Angela braced herself as I began to cum, I was used to a sizable amount of cum when I masturbated but Jesus, I could have filled a milk jug with all of it.

I was still shaking even after my climax as Angela and I resumed making out, the surface of the pool was quite clearly contaminated with my cum and it was almost scary to see how much of it there actually was. Rather than staying in globs, the cum dispersed and gave part of the surface a light coating. We both got dressed and stepped out of the pool, hand in hand and arm in arm. I helped Angela out of the pool, she was still visibly shaking from her experience.

We went inside without any regrets, for a first time, we had some amazing sex. Her parents could sense something was up but they had no idea, they thought that the worst we would ever do was kiss, and even that they assumed to be quite the rare occasion.

Mike Bronson turned the corner off main street and headed out on Elm Street to the high school he had graduated from some fifteen years ago. He had missed his five and ten year high school reunions do to job constraints, but now it just so happened that he was between writing assignments so he had decided to drive the three hundred miles from Detroit back to his home town in Ohio!!! Central High School stood on the edge of town, and a big sign hung over the front door welcoming everyone to the reunion. Once inside the building, another sign directed the guests to the lunch room, where they could register and pick up a name tag!!! He picked up his tag, went over to the punch bowl and poured himself a drink, and then began circulating around the room trying to find someone he might remember from the old days. It was a voice that came shooting out of the past that made him turn around. “Mike Bronson, I haven’t seen you in years, how have you been, you sure seem to be looking well,” asked a feminine voice?

Mike turned around to find his senior high English teacher standing there with a glass of punch in her hand and after extending his hand replied “I’m fine Miss Rogers, and I might say the same for you, you look just the same as the day I graduated!!!” “Thank you,” the buxom teacher replied while turning a little red in the cheeks, “shall we take a walk, it’s pretty noisy in here!?!” Both of them sipped their punch as they walked through the deserted halls, commenting about old times as they passed by the different rooms. Mike hadn’t admitted it, but the real reason he had come back for his reunion was not to see old high school pals, but in the hope that he would run into Miss Rogers! Back in his high school days, Miss Rogers, while little on the hefty side had caused more than one male student to imagine what it would be like to peek underneath one of her very conservative dresses and see what all that luscious female flesh looked like!!! He still wasn’t exactly sure how it had happened but Mike not only had gotten a chance to look under those tent like dresses, he had gotten the chance to sample the hidden delights!!! It was a story he had kept to himself all these years, never even letting on to anyone that fifteen years ago he had scored with the sexiest teacher in the whole school, and as they walked through the deserted halls he wondered if she was as nervous as he was!!!

“Mike,” she whispered, “I never said anything about our interludes, but after all these years I was just wondering how would feel about, you know…….” “I was thinking about the same thing,” he interjected, “I mean, about what happened between us, I mean!” She visibly relaxed, and continued to speak, “Well, back then you were so young and cute, I know I shouldn’t have let it happened but I was drawn to you like now other man, and well, one thing led to another!” “For me it was like a dream come true,” he replied gently, “getting the chance to be with the most beautiful teacher in the whole school was the best thing that ever happened to me!!!” “Thank you, ,” she said, turning a little red in her cheeks while continuing, “At first I wanted you because you were so cute, but after I saw your big penis I just knew that I had to have it for my very own!!!” Mike remembered well the first time he had dropped his shorts and how she had almost gone wild sucking him to completion right then and there, and now as they walked the halls all those old feelings came rushing back like it had happened only yesterday!!!

They stopped momentarily in from of a small alcove that contained maybe thirty lockers, and after hesitating a second or two, Miss Rogers took Mike by the arm and pulled him out of the hall and into the little inlet, and after taking a deep breath, lifted her skirt and revealed her pantiless vagina bulging obscenely in the cool evening air!!! Mike sucked in a lung full of air, and just like old time, he dropped to his knees and pressed his mouth into the hairiest pussy he had every seen, thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect vee! She leaned against the lockers with her legs splayed apart and gasped, “Oh god, I missed this, you always knew just how to make me happy and you haven’t lost your touch!!!” “Oh, yesssssss, suck me harder, do me like you used to,” she begged while spreading herself even wider, “use your tongue, oh my, right there, do it harder, oh yessssssss!!!” Mike ate her like there was no tomorrow, burrowing his nose deep into the valley that was her incredibly puffy pussy, while reaching into his trousers and extracting his big fat pecker and fisting it with short even strokes!!! His tongue bored in hard on her erect clit, and as her orgasm rushed through her she grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him even harder into her convulsing vagina while the low growl in her throat erupted into a roar as climax tore through her vagina, leaving her shaken and spent with her legs apart and her dress up around her waist!!!

Her breathing was intermittent and shallow as she recovered from her cum, but with his pecker now in dire need of some attention he stood up, and after kissing her full on the mouth, slowly slid his hard erection into her sopping wet organ, inducing her to yet another climax on the first stroke as he took her while standing up against the lockers!!! As he powered in and out of her, her huge chest shook back and froth in her dress, and without even asking permission, he unbuttoned the bodice and exposed her massive bra encased breasts to his hot and hungry eyes!!! “Good fucking god,” he moaned while continuing his stroking, “they’re still the most incredible pair I’ve ever seen, I’m gonna take them out and suck’em!!!” “P-please do,” she panted while thrusting her chest forward, “s-suck my nipples, h-hurry, please hurry!!!”
As they flopped out onto her big round belly he almost shot his load right then and there, but with shaky hands hefted one of her monstrous mammaries to his mouth, and while looking her directly in the eye, opened his mouth and took a dark pink nipple into his mouth and sucked it eagerly!!! “O-oh my,” she gasped, “y-you were always so attentive to my needs, mmmmmmmm, that’s a good boy, take care of mama’s big nipples, make her feel like a pussy, oh yessssssssssss!!!” Mike loved hearing her beg for it, and just like in days past his nut sack tightened while his pecker spasmed hard three or four times as he ejaculated load after hot load of sperm into her over heated pussy!!! The sensation of his mouth on her nipple and the lurching of his pecker caused her body to shudder as an orgasm of monumental proportions slammed into her pussy like an avalanche tearing down the side of a mountain, destroying everything in its path!!!

They stood there together locked in their embrace while Mike’s pecker slowly slipped from her hot and hairy pussy!!! “Oh, Michael,” she sighed while disentangling herself and putting her breasts back in her bra and buttoning up her dress, “you are the best lover I’ve ever had, please promise me that you won’t make me wait five more years ’til the next reunion to take care of me!!!” He kissed her on the cheek and replied while leading her back to the party, “I think that we should make this an annual event, after all, a good student listens to his teacher!!!”

Her beauty stemmed like a rose. Her hair having the essence of a garden in spring. And her eyes glowed with the truth of love… She stood, breathtakingly on the crest looking up at the full moon. Her hands were spread high above her head. Her slender body was covered with a thin piece of white fabric… It looked… like a ceremonial gown. She was praying to the moon for guidance and enlightenment. Marc’s eyes started to hurt and lowered the binoculars from his eyes. He rubbed the strain from his lids, and looked once again at the crest. She was still there in all her mysterious beauty, baying at the unyielding moon.

Marc took down a few notes, his handwriting showing up on the white pad upon his knee. He had seen others of the same sect doing the same thing on different nights. But this woman… was beautiful. She did not look like an old crow with white hair. Watching her was an enjoyment. Actually, watching the wind blow against the thin fabric of the gown and seeing the naked form that laid underneath was turning him on. He actually found himself unzipping his pants. He kept reminding himself that he was on assignment. He was supposed to watch and record, that was all. No interference. The university surely would never know that he not only watched and recorded, but also masturbated. After all, a man must do what a man must do… and right that moment, Marc needed to play with his magic snake.

Like others of his gender, he had named his penis. Actually, it was on one of his other adventures for the University that his penis was named. He was asked to watch and record a small tribe of unknown Indians in the deep jungles of Africa. He was in a tree, shielded by large green leaves (or so he thought) as he observed females of the tribe washing each other. He was amazed that their washing was similar to an erotic dance. Each taking their turn of washing each other’s clit and tits. He had taken numerous pictures and found himself getting aroused.

He was unaware that one of the young women saw his large white penis between the green leaves. She started screaming in her own language what equated in English to “magic snake”. She saw his”snake” grow large and spurt a volcano of whiteness high in the air. It had, in reality, taken Marc only a few moments from seeing the first of the women washing each other, to pulling his penis out, to actually cumming.

It was a quick erotic journey. All the women wanted to touch the “magic snake” which just caused it to get hard again. And once hard, it only took a few more moments for the “snake” to erupt with its spray of hot whiteness. The women caught some in their mouths. Marc decided that was the time to leave. If the University ever found out that he had actually touched and was touched by members of the tribe, they would indeed have his skin.

Marc just couldn’t resist taking his “snake” out once again, and playing with it as he watch the woman in white. He kept telling himself, the University would never know…

She must have seen him or heard him or something… Because she dropped her hands and looked in his direction. She must have sensed that she had an audience. She looked straight at him and started to gyrate her hips. She slowly pulled the ceremonial gown up exposing two tanned shapely legs. She was pulling it farther up on her hips, exposing a thick blonde bush that had natural red highlights. The air caught in his throat, he just couldn’t move. His “snake” yearned for her attention… to slide itself inside her bush, becoming just for an instant part of her… joining with her in her world…

She walked down from the crest and closed in on her prey. He climbed out of his perch and greeted her. She placed a finger on his mouth, not allowing him to speak. He simply wanted to say his name. Again, she silenced him in her usual fashion. She slipped the gown off her shoulders, and in one fall swoop exposed tanned shoulders, firm breasts and an elegant erotic play vessel.

He drew in quick breaths trying to calm his beating heart and his beating penis. It stood upright, bolstering its shoulders back showing that it was at attention. She must have taken his penis’ stature as a compliment, since she reached out and gave it a loving pat. She stroked its head and encouraged it to take a short swim between her firm hot legs. The wetness overcame his shyness. He pulled her close and explored her mouth with his tongue. He was amazed by how tasty her mouth was. She pulled away from him and motioned him to follow her… She climbed back on the crest and laid her young body under the full moon. The moon shone like a spotlight, encouraging him to take her.

He needed no further encouragement and he laid his strong body on her soft form. He nestled against her firm breast and breathed deeply in her scented hair. Spring paradise…. her smell took him to a time when he was a child, playing in the flower fields with his mother. He use to enjoy watching his mother run and play in the flower fields, her summer dress occasionally flying up, exposing the mysterious land his father so much enjoyed.

The women underneath him moaned with pleasure. He had inserted his true master deep inside and was enjoying her hot tight wetness. He remembered cumming and then becoming so very tired. He floated off into the land of erotic pleasure… closing his eyes, enjoying the last sensual taste of her essence.

He woke with a start. The beautiful women was gone. All that remained was the ceremonial robe that had been her dress for the night. He roamed the village asking for her… giving her description to all the shop keepers. He was intoxicated and wanted more… more of what he had experienced that night. But there was no more… The town shook their heads, stating that there was never such a woman… only legends. The legends spoke of such a women, finding a man and making love to him, under the fullness of the witches moon. The other sect members chuckled but spoke no more… They all seemed to know a secret, but wouldn’t tell…

He turned in his report, and addressed his superiors. He needed time off to think… and to dream… His dreams were filled with her shoulders, her touch and her smell. He would wake up, believing she had returned, only to find he was alone in his cold bed. The dreams seemed so real… so tangible… He yearned to have her again… Then it happened, months after their erotic encounter. She came to him with a promise… a promise of an erotic future together. He needed no encouragement… nothing but her dreamy word… The gun was something he never thought he would use, and definitely not on himself. It slid in his mouth, smooth like her tongue… his finger pulled the trigger and his mind went to her…

He left a note… brief and incoherent… It spoke of a promise… a witches promise… to roam the earth with her… the women who tamed his snake!